Couple Session at the Beach

Hi all :)

Happy to take some CC on this in any apsect of the image. I don't have a studio, so basically all my shoots happen outdoors.
Location is on a westcoast beach in New Zealand, about 1hr away from Auckland.

Single exposure, no external lighting apart from the ambient (sunset). Edited in Lightroom 5.



Hello! Looking for some feedback please.

This photograph was taken in an abandoned holiday park in a series of promotional pictures for a local musician 'Ever'.

CC please

Photo was taken this fall in a local park in the morning with natural light. Just looking for some feedback because I am always looking to improve my photography.

Mix Light

I wasn't sure where to post this as this is a editing and lighting question, but since I shoot mostly environmentals I thought I ask here.

For those who play with gels or/and changing light temperature selectively just for added appealing effects, do you prefer using gels or editing methods to change colors/temps from light?

Golf Portraits

I shot this at a golf course at sunrise. I shot these with a 24-70, and a 70-200. I used one fill flash at 1/2 power with a shoot through umbrella. I appreciate any comments and suggestions. Thanks!

Environmental Portrait in Lancaster, PA

It was initially suppose to be a fashion shot. As the pose and facial expression doesn't give that vibe I decided to still edit it and use it more of a portrait. This shot just reminds of portraits shot for cast members for TV shows. Just the mood, pose, expression sells a character. By looking at this image it is selling the idea of a...

Tips on gaining and finding access to awesome locations?

I know there are services or even freelance scouters, sadly I do not have the cash to throw around for that, especially for personal projects.

I've read some articles on fstoppers such as from Kendra where a friend simply knocks a door of a mansion and they somehow get the access. Not sure if I can get 100% success rate while I go to...

How do you find a unique location?

i.e. a nice large swimming pool like at hotels... would you simply ask management if its not a chain, owner in that case for permission for a future shoot and hope they agree to your shoot concept? As well hope the concept doesn't offend them if its glamour based...???

I want to find a pool large enough to do some fashion (with slight...

Latest Environmental Work with Peter Coulson

I was fortunate and proud to be able to host the incredible Peter Coulson ( ) from Australia for the first of several workshops in the USA at the Phlearn studio in Chicago this week! This image of the beautiful Haley Danhausen was taken today during day 2 of this amazing weekend session, and I can't express...