I Didn't Write the Book, but I Shot the Cover

While I did not write this commonly referenced book on glamour photography Successful Glamour Photography. The image was seen by the editor of the updated edition and selected for the cover. I contributed the cover image along with about 20 other images in the pages of the book. The book was originally written in the 80s by John Kelly and was...


Good morning! (at least it's morning here)
My name is Ivan, but you can call me "Stamato" as most of people do.
I'm a Boudouir, Fine Art and Glamour photographer from São Paulo, Brazil.
I usually use natural light in all my shoots

You can se some of my work at my tumblr: http://ivanstamato.tumblr.com/ (nsfw...


Hey Everyone,

This is my first time trying something like this and I'd appreciate some feedback :)


I am a Florida based portrait photographer shooting fashion glamour and editorial and commercial portraiture. Thank you for starting this group. I would like to learn mor about the business side of glamour photography. I see a lot of great work online but never anything about how to earn a living at it.

you can see some of my glamour and...

The ROI in Glamour Photography...

I love to shoot Glamour, but getting clients in this area, at least for non-commercial is near impossible in my area where I have to compete with female clients always preferring a female photographer and the female photographers obviously use that to their advantage. My only option is to shoot for publications as stock or assignment, even then...


Hello, Jose here. I am a portrait & fashion photographer based in Switzerland.

Excited to see how this group develops. Thanks for creating it fstoppers & Nino:)

Sometimes I do something with a touch of glamour but it's more to have a try.
a few work samples

Hello from Dallas!

I'll be shooting for two years, 90% of my port I shot it with a T3i, recently I upgraded it to a 6D. Just enjoying photography and trying to be a little better every day :)






Salvador Avila Photo

I am A Fashion and Beauty Photographer based in Merida Yucatan Mexico
I am Not a PRO, as I don't make my living from Photo shooting , I am a Lawyer specialiced in Foreign investment in Mexico, but i have to try to take my photo to best possible level.
I am a old fashion photographer as I try to capture the shooting at the best way...