Adobe MAX Time Travels Through 25 Years of Photoshop

Thank god for the interwebs right? Not just because it brings us badgers and cat videos but because sometimes it allows us to be places we couldn't other wise go. I'm of course talking about the 2015 Adobe MAX conference that just went down in Los Angeles. If you, like me, were not one of the "5000 most creative minds" fortunate enough to make it, then you may appreciate this glimpse from the conference floor. Adobe set up a display consisting of several mock bedrooms. Each room being representative of a time period and pivotal moment within Photoshop's 25 years. Since it's inception in 1988 (thank you Thomas and John Knoll), Photoshop has become the industry standard for graphics editing. And as someone who has been using Photoshop since 1990 v1.0 (read: this dude is getting old as F#@&) I couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic.

Pop Quiz: Which Photoshop version was the first to have layers?

No, no. Don't look it up if you don't already know. See if you can catch the answer in the video. 

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This year at #AdobeMAX, we traveled through time to showcase 25 years of Photoshop and get you feeling all tingly again. Watch the video and walk through the last 25 years with us.

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Alexander Z's picture


Nice enough visual content, but I'm sick of "background" music that grabs all the attention, because it is so loudly mixed, and many times a poor companion for the visuals. This wasn't supposed to be a "music video", where the music is meant to be the primary focus.

Ann Ogm's picture

I still have a fully working Macintosh LC with Photoshop 2.5.1 installed (nov 92 release) Wonder if that makes me cool or just old? :)