The Experience of Photographing September 11th As It Happened

The Experience of Photographing September 11th As It Happened

September 11th was a horrific day. Many photographers covered the events of the day, and of them, Phil Penman's images are particularly noteworthy. In this presentation, he shows some of his images and talks about his experience on that day.

Phil Penman, a street and commercial photographer, had been in the U.S. for about six months when September 11th happened. At the time, he was working for the British Splash News Agency based out of L.A., but was stationed in New York City with another photographer, working on opening a branch of the agency there. In this talk at the B&H Event Space, he chronicles his experience biking to the World Trade Center site that day to photograph what had happened. His images from that day offer a striking look not just at the events, but at the humanity. Chief Curator of the 9/11 Memorial Museum Jan Ramirez has called them an "arresting visual chronicle," and many of them went on to be published internationally. The presentation is a fascinating look at the experience of documenting that day.

You can watch the full talk and see Penman's photography here.

Lead image by Michael Foran, used under Creative Commons.

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