Time Magazine Celebrates the 100 Most Influential Photographs in History

Time Magazine will be counting down their selection of the 100 most influential images of all time this month. According to the magazine, the very first photograph was taken back in 1826, so they are presenting this project to coincide with celebrating the "175th anniversary of photography and the birth of photojournalism."

Time will be publishing this project online through a dedicated website, available in a commemorative book, as well as along side an accompanying original documentary that was produced to complete the multimedia project.

For the feature, Time added additional substance and background to each photograph by interviewing the picture subjects from each of the photos, as well as the photographers who took the famous images themselves. The resulting accompanying essays for each photograph will definitely shine new light on some of the most iconic photographs ever, and it should be quite fascinating to hear and read these incredible stories for the first time.

Time Magazine selected their choices on the criteria that the photograph changed, influenced, or commemorated a specific event or period of time in the world. Time also says each photograph is significant in how it forever changed the way we live, learn, communicate, and view the world. Some images were also just picked for the list basically because they were the first of there kind, such as the first cell phone photo. Some are famous celebrity portraits, as well as some incredible science photos. For instance, some brilliant images from NASA made the list. But all 100 photographs were definite turning points in the human existence to some extent.

The magazine got together with countless curators, photo editors, and historians from all over the world to narrow down the list to 100. While I know that was an almost impossible task, I am sure certain images were left off that maybe you or I would have liked to see included. On the contrary I also imagine there are some photos that were actually included that everyone would not have picked out. In the end, even with all the expertise that went into this project, the choices were still just an opinion, and every single person would have probably constructed a different list. Still this will be very fascinating and entertaining nonetheless.

You can see and read all about it on Time's dedicated webpage for this feature. Anyone, not just photographers, would enjoy this, especially anyone who has any interest and fascination in history at all. I myself will be getting lost on there as more and more are released.

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Dustin Levine is an american photographer, originally from New York, but currently living and working in Peru for the past five years.

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