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Royal Photographer Lord Snowdon Dies at Age 86

Antony Armstrong-Jones, more commonly known as Lord Snowdon after he married Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away peacefully on Friday at his home in London. He was 86. Snowdon was one of UK's most famous and most respected photographers for more than 50 years. He was already an established fashion photographer when he married into royalty, but after that he became somewhat designated as the official photographer of the royal family.

'Spy in the Wild', a New BBC Series uses Animatronic Animals Rigged with Cameras to Film Wildlife

A new upcoming BBC four-part series titled "Spy in the Wild" uses 34 realistic animatronic creatures, equipped with UHD cameras to observe wildlife activity from closer than ever before. The myriad of undercover animals were placed all over our planet, from deserts, to rainforests, as well as the polar regions. With the intention to record real animal emotions, display their similarities with humans, and acknowledge the links between all living things on earth. The topics discussed for each of the four episodes include love, friendships, mischief, and intelligence.

An Astro Light Pollution Filter that Attaches Directly Over your Cameras Sensor

STC, a Taiwan-based company, has developed and produced a new niche filter for astrophotographers that clips on directly over your Canon or Nikon camera's full-frame sensor. The filter will supposedly reduce the effects of artificial light in your astro images by blocking certain light wavelengths related to city lights, such as mercury and sodium. While it will simultaneously intensifying light spectrums that are naturally present in the night sky.

Is Your Canon 50mm f/1.8 II Lens Fake?

This week Canon sent out an advisory regarding counterfeit 50mm f/1.8 II lenses found in circulation. This issue was discovered by Canon after customers sent the lenses into their service centers for repairs. While looking almost identical to real thing on the outside, once a technician opened it up to fix it, they realized the lenses were not authentic. They were found to be made up of parts and electrical circuits that were not genuine.

How to Use Canon's Camera Connect App to Transfer Photos from Your 5D Mark IV to Your Cellphone

I recently upgraded my Canon 5D Mark III to a 5D Mark IV, and a new feature that was added to the camera line, that I thought I would have no use for whatsoever, was WiFi. I knew it was going to be in the camera beforehand, but I really did believe I would have no use for it at all, Now after using it for two months, I am hooked. Being able to quickly and easily transfer photos to my cell phone via the built-in WiFi has been really incredible for me, and now not a day goes by that I do not use it. So I would just like to just walk you through briefly how simple it is to set up and use.

Really Right Stuff Tripods and Photography Accessories Now Available at B&H Photo

Really Right Stuff, the highly regarded camera support manufacturer, now has their extensive line of products at B&H. Before this announcement, the only way to buy RRS merchandise was directly from them through their own website, but having their inventory available at the largest photo retailer in the USA creates a few benefits for the consumer.

Kai Leaves DigitalRev, The #1 Photography YouTube Channel

Kai Man Wong, better known by viewers solely as Kai, announced a few days ago that he will be leaving as host of DigitalRev. DigitalRev is of course the most subscribed to photography channel on YouTube, with currently over 1.7 million people signed up. It is run by the Hong Kong based photography retailer of the same name, and has been a staple of entertainment in the online photography community since 2009.

Time Magazine Celebrates the 100 Most Influential Photographs in History

Time Magazine will be counting down their selection of the 100 most influential images of all time this month. According to the magazine, the very first photograph was taken back in 1826, so they are presenting this project to coincide with celebrating the "175th anniversary of photography and the birth of photojournalism."

First Impressions of the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L III

One lens that is a staple in almost all camera bags of professional photographers is a fast, ultra-wide-angle zoom. Being a Canon shooter, the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II found a place in my bag when I purchased it back in 2008, and I have been using it constantly for work ever since. However, it also was the weakest lens in my kit from a sharpness standpoint. But if I needed 16mm and f/2.8, it was what I had to grab. Until recently, there simply wasn't a sharper option available.

The Sigma 50mm Art Lens, Two Years Later

I wanted to share two things specifically with everyone in respect to my personal experiences with the highly regarded Sigma 50mm Art lens, after using it now extensively over the past two years. I want to address how it has held up for me, as far as a durability stand point, which was one of my biggest concerns. And I would like to let you know if I have any regrets ditching my Canon 50mm f/1.2 L lens for the Sigma glass.

Photographer Mario Testino Gives a Tour of His Museum in Peru

Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer Mario Testino recently gave a tour of his museum in Lima, Peru to Hamish Bowles, the editor for the American edition of Vogue magazine. Testino appears to have recorded this short video tour on a just a cell phone, but he briefly takes you through each room of his museum, MATE, which first opened in 2012, but was just recently renovated, and he shared the newly restored museum with the public last week.

Photographer Ansel Adams' 4x5 Camera Up for Auction

Famed landscape photographer Ansel Adams' Arca-Swiss 4x5 camera that he personally owned and used from 1964 to 1968 will go up for auction at the end of this month via Heritage Auctions in New York. Bidding will open at a staring price of $35,000 on October 27th, so if you have some extra change lying around, you can bid on this one-of-a-kind piece of photographic history.

Hoya Introduces New Solas Infrared Neutral Density Filters

Hoya has just debuted a new series of neutral density filters called Solas IRND, bolstering there array of already stellar filters for photography and video. This new line of IRND (Infrared Neutral Density) promises to produce no color casts in your images and videos, which is a very common issue when using ND's.

Seven Life Lessons Photographer Jimmy Nelson Has Learned From Photography

Photographer Jimmy Nelson has spent over 30 years traveling around the globe taking pictures, mostly photographing indigenous cultures by using his camera as a tool to make contact and build relationships with unknown communities around the planet. In this video, Nelson shares seven life lessons that he has personally learned through his photography experiences during his worldwide adventures.

Impact Introduces the Venture TTL-600, a Battery-Powered, HSS, TTL Monolight

Last week, the plethora of photography announcements from Photokina was incredible. One product that was introduced, but got barely any attention, was a new strobe from Impact, the Venture TTL-600. It personally stood out to me as something I could possibly add to my own kit immediately if it does what it says it does and more importantly, does it reliably. So right now, it currently sits at the top of my list of new gear to try out.

Paul Nicklen's New Book, 'Photographing Wild': Learn From a National Geographic Photographer

Photographer Paul Nicklen recently released a two-hundred page ebook titled "Photographing Wild: Techniques of a National Geographic Photographer." Mr. Nicklen has been taking photographs for the magazine for over twenty years now in some of the most remote places on earth. He is also one of my personal favorite photographers out there today, so buying it for myself was an easy decision to make. His underwater images are always fantastic, and just seeing all of his wildlife photos come across my social media feeds is always inspiring to me.

LensRentals Disassembles the New Canon 5D Mark IV

If you're curious to see what a brand new Canon 5D Mark IV looks like on the inside, here is you chance. LensRentals has already done one of their popular teardown articles on the new camera, and taken one apart before most people who preordered it even received it yet. This post obviously won't help your photography in anyway, but it sure is interesting and fun!

Clay Cook's 'How I Got the Shot' Feature for Tether Tools

Photographer Clay Cook recently collaborated with Tether Tools and produced a fantastic photo that is not only inspiring because of the actual final image, but also because of Clay's concept and process that he has explained and laid out for everyone.

My Thought Process When Photographing on Location

When photographing on location, be it a campaign for a clothing company, lifestyle images for a client, or just making portraits of someone outdoors, I always go through four steps before I actually take a photo.

Getting Personal Work From Paid Gigs

That title might sound a little bit backwards to most of you, but it is not. I know many professionals feel you shouldn't do any photography for free, especially after you have worked your tail off to get to a point where people will pay you to make images. However, even as a full time professional photographer, I actually do a lot of free work. But I do it only on my owns terms, and do turn down many offers.