Fstoppers Holiday Gear Guide Part II: Gifts Between $100 & $200

Fstoppers Holiday Gear Guide Part II: Gifts Between $100 & $200

Well there is no avoiding it now that Thanksgiving is over and December has begun: the holidays are upon us. If you're still thinking about gifts for that photographer in your life (or yourself), we have updated our Holiday Gear Guide to reflect the best gifts between $100 and $200 for those of you with a little bit more set aside to afford to pack under the tree.

Also, up until the end of the holiday season, Fstoppers will be posting the raging-burning-explosivly-awesome deals that we find online that you just can't afford to miss. If there is anything we all love, it's saving money on the stuff we really want.

You can get to the complete list of products between $100 and $200 by clicking here, but below are a few of the standout ideas that we think you should consider for that special photographer in your life.

Impact Ready Cool 2 Lamp Bank They may not be as sturdy as other constant light banks on the market, but at this price point, it doesn't matter. In our preliminary studio tests, these banks performed magnificently, offering steady, no-flicker, bright daylight balanced light for video, or even that "Peter Hurley" look that many of you headshot photographers are trying to master. Seriously great deal for what you get. [B&H]


Rode Videomic When you can't use a lav mic or don't have the crew size to have a boom operator, the on-camera Rode Videomic is a solid option for on-location audio. Though they don't have the most exceptional range, if you stay within a body length of your subject, you will get pretty crisp and clear audio. It's just one more piece of gear in your kit that will help make sure your projects come together. [B&H]


Canon 40mm f/2.8 Pancake At first, the STM motor didn't seem like something to be excited about, but since the release of the 70D, we can see the future of where Canon is going with their tech. The 40mm pancake might have questionable quality stopped down past f/10, but you won't find yourself shooting that closed too often. It's worth grabbing this ridiculously light lens now in preparation for the future, when Canon will likely introduce the STM motor in the 5D Mark IV. Plus it's super handy for the traveling photographer who wants to stay light.[B&H]


Lowepro Urban Reporter 250 If you, or any photographer you know, likes a sling, the Urban Reporter is a solid choice. It doesn't necessarily look like a camera bag, which when you're shooting in the city is a good thing. It has a ton of space, lots of pockets, and room for a laptop. Tough, well built, and doesn't scream "I have a camera in me!" Again, that's a good thing. [B&H]


Manfrotto 190XB w/ Micro Fluid Head Tripods are expensive, it's a fact that many of us have had a hard time coming to terms with. That said, there are affordable options that still get the job done, like this tripod from Manfrotto. If the photographer in your life is still using that piece of junk tripod he bought at Best Buy four years ago, ease his suffering with a brand spanking new quality one. [B&H]


Click here to see our full list of gear selections


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Chris Reid's picture

Slider link goes to a tripod link
Just a heads up :)

Jaron Schneider's picture

Thanks! It's hard to keep all these products organizized.

Jacob delaRosa's picture

Correction: GOOD Tripods are expensive. Oh and a good tripod head can make your tripod a totally different animal :)

Thanks for featuring our VideoMic in your gift guide.

These look like some amazing giveaways!

Chuck Navarro's picture

What about the Rode Videomic Go? Only $99 and no battery needed! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1012003-REG/rode_videomic_go_video...

Jaron Schneider's picture

Jury is still out. We're currently testing it, and we don't recommend gear we don't use/like in our day-to-day lives.