This Adorable First Look Video Will Brighten Your Day

This Adorable First Look Video Will Brighten Your Day

They say every relationship needs humor in it, and if that's the case, this marriage should last a long time. All it took was a T-rex costume. 

Beth and Tom Gardner were married last November at Bald Head Island, NC. Filmed by Jon Clark Weddings alongside Paul Seiler Photography, Videographer Jon Murray knew something special was brewing when the photographer came to him:

He told me the bride was thinking of doing a first look... in a T-rex costume. I knew we had to encourage this thought, and so, we did exactly that. This couple was so fun as you can tell, and it definitely was a dream wedding to shoot.

As such, that turned into this: 

THE BEST FIRST LOOK EVER!!! Lol Please SHARE if you got a good laugh out of it. Watch their highlight video here:...

Posted by Jon Clark Weddings on Monday, January 23, 2017

It's a great reminder that humor is always a good way to stand out from the crowd a bit. The cry of sheer glee and joy from the groom when he turned around definitely made my morning. Be sure to check out the Jon Clark Weddings site and follow them on Facebook for more!

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Thanks for the article! <3
Blog post (albeit, a tiny one) on the site here:

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I'll let Jon know of your full thumb capacity approval :) Thank you!

Yup. Couldn't help but smile even though I tried not to.