Chase Jarvis Takes Kai On a 'Cheap Camera Challenge' Style Shoot

Kai of DigitalRev is known for his Cheap Camera Challenges where he gives successful photographers a cheap camera and asks them to create awesome images with it. Photo mogul Chase Jarvis decided recently to turn the tables and give his own challenge to Kai himself, and see how he can handle it. The challenge was to create one of Chase's most iconic images (originally shot with Hasselblad) with a GoPro Hero3+.

I have to say Chase was very nice with his challenge. Yes, it's not easy to recreate a great image such as his, even if you have the best equipment. But after seeing how Kai made photographers use Barbie and Lego cameras in his past challenges, he was very lucky to get a great camera such as the GoPro and not a 1-MegaPixel toy camera.

The final result? I have to say Kai did a great job with what he had. What do you think?

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I think you're recycling old news.

Agreed, this is not a new video..

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It wasn't posted on Fstoppers yet + it's not really news, it's a fun video recorded just 2 weeks ago...

I loved this article. Every morning when I get to work, the first thing I do is to browse to the page and read some amazing photography articles. I love your work. Chave Jarvis is an amazing person and I love to watch and ready everyhint I can find about his career.

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I actually preferred the GoPro image over the Hasselblad. I like more of the blur as opposed to Jarvis' thats tack sharp.

Probably would be lot easier to set the camera on it's intervalometer setting, anchor it in the water, and have the model just keep diving in front of the camera. I think Kai's shot, not counting for resolution, is more interesting.