Four Ways YouTubers Annoy Their Audience

Remember when YouTube videos and tutorials were super straight forward and to the point? Me neither. 

Honestly, it's like every YouTube video needs to have an intro, an "about us" section, a history of the creator and, clips of the pet dog. I get that fancy intros can look nice, but seriously, I know who's video I'm watching, I was there when I clicked on it. There are so many occasions where I will attempt to skip the intro altogether, only to overshoot it and then I have to scrub back to a point where I think the actual video starts; but then I'll miss that too and end up spending more time doing the back and forth instead of watching the actual intro. Can everyone just get rid of over the top intros so I don't personally have to do the guess and skip dance; surely that can't be unreasonable right? 

In a recent video by Camera Conspiracies, he gives four reasons as to why he may completely skip your video. Now, these may be his own individual thoughts on the matter, but they do sound all too familiar. Based on my little rant above I'm assuming it's pretty clear what annoys me the most. 

Check out the full video linked above and I highly recommend you subscribe. 

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wesjones's picture

So true. Long, LOUD musical intros are one of my pet peeves.

Usman Dawood's picture

Oh man, that annoys me so much lol.

Guy Incognito's picture

His point about excessive B roll from a while back was also on the money.

michaeljin's picture

Funny how you reference Camera Conspiracies given that it's pretty much an entire channel that is based on creating long drawn out videos rather than just getting right to the point...

Usman Dawood's picture

It is funny and that's essentially the point lol, his channel anyway.

Louis Leblanc's picture

The issue stems from YouTube, the monetization and incentives for videos more than 10mins are huge. Look at videos that have come out in the last two years or so, everyone is drawing their videos out to 10min even though the content may not need it.

Stas F's picture

That's how books are too most of the time. Like "time management" or whatever book. You can strip it down to few pages. But yet, here we are stuck with 600 to read. Because nobody is going to print and publish a 10 page book.

Tony Northrup's picture

We've never had an intro, but I've (mostly) stopped even saying who I am or what the video is about. I figure you read the title.

Stas F's picture

Well, you gotta be either Tony or Chelsea

Simon Pierce's picture

:D :D :D

Usman Dawood's picture

Well, that and several other reasons are why you have one of the most subscribed channels in the photography community :).

Stas F's picture

That's why I don't like Thomas Heaton videos. Just waaay too much B roll where he just casually walks by in the middle of nowhere with camera coincidentally recording his path. Just way too much. Also every time you click somewhere in the middle of the video you'll hear the words "beautiful", "absolutely amazing", "gorgeous" etc. It's like, yeah, we got it, nice view - now show me how to take a beautiful picture of that rock, because that's what the title says. I actually never watched Heaton's video from the beginning to the end. Maybe he's good as a photographer, but darnit, just slow it down with those B rolls and "absolutely stunning views". And unfortunately, he is not alone. So many photographers are guilty of this.

JetCity Ninja's picture

an intro longer than 3 seconds for 3 minutes of content, of which only 30 seconds is relevant to the title and the rest is b-roll or rambling on tangents, is infuriating. if your intro is longer than 5 seconds, i simply shut it down and move on.

at least have a predictable, repeatable structure, like your vain intro, stating the title, going off on a tangent, but then circle back to say what you actually advertised you'd say for the final minute... so the viewers can just FF to the final minute and get on with their day.

the worst are the subscriber whores who begin their videos with reminding you to "subscribe, hit the bell for alerts and give us a thumbs up so we can continue badgering you to like us." a close second are those who place the sponsor messages at the beginning, basically a 5-15 second "flow of consciousness" ad shortly after having to watch a real 15 second ad spot just to get to the video. if you want to thank your viewers, you can do so by shilling at the end of the video.

funny, i complained a few months ago here about how a few youtubers are unwatchable for me, including this very reason, and commenters railed on about how the problem is me.

validation is a sad addiction.

Brian Albers's picture

Is it just me, or does anybody else notice, more often nowadays, people in videos waving their arms/hands around a whole lot more than they should be?

Like 0:18-0:30 in this video-

We all do it to some degree normally, naturally. It just seems that it’s become a technique, and is being adopted by more and more people.

To me, it’s just annoying.

Usman Dawood's picture

I'm one of the numpties that waves his hands around far too much too haha.

Rod Kestel's picture

Yeah feels almost like their going to jump out of the screen and mug you.

super steel_'s picture

I dont know but im not clicking thyat video. nice try though.
you cant trust anyone on the interest. everyone has their own agenda and self interest. click bait, fake news, fake reviews payed reviews and sponsored ads. I trust no on the internet

Rod Kestel's picture

This bloke is seriously weird. I like his dry sense of humour but he spends the 1st 3 minutes repeating himself, then repeats repeats again for the next 2 and then again again.

Good points, but I got bored & cut him short.

super steel_'s picture

I HATE when they say, "let me know what you think is x, write it down in the comments"

but they never talk with their audience so feck you to those who say that. I can name a few who do that crime.

many try to do a swift transition at the end to an ad from the content. I immediately recognize and close the window.

I know specific channels who have 12 seconds intro of a stupid ad theyre sponsored from

and I absolutely hate those who beg for patreon tips when youre getting 300000 subs and 20000 views per clip.
add it in your description and if theyd like then pay you. I never pay anyone. youtube pays them. thats enough.

Wodan Rheingold's picture

Begging for comments is also a trick to boost the video in YouTube ranks.

jared polin's picture

No, we can not get rid of our intros. I personally keep it as short as possible with the 3 second intro music and my sign on. It's a branding thing, it's something for new people to remember you by. It's like any newscaster welcoming you to the news, same with sportscasters.

Usman Dawood's picture

It's satire Jared, you know we love you, stop it :P.

super steel_'s picture

"you know we love you,"
not me. too much condescending tone of voice the last few years. once you were humble.

Mark Harris's picture

Justify to yourself as much as you like, but there are still many of us who will just move on to a better constructed video rather than wade through the branding. Sure we'll remember you, but not in a good way. If you put your long plugs and branding and adverts at the end, then we might watch them if we liked the video and have gotten the information we were after. 3 seconds of intro logos is OK, but after that, you've lost me.
The Goat's Eye View is an excellent example of how to make an instructional video - their intros are the words "Let's get to it", then they launch into the information. And hey - I remember their name, because they are helpful, not because they shout it at me.

Deleted Account's picture

And when you're done splicing your intro and outro together into a 20-minute magnum opus, make sure your video description is a ⌷space/NërdVPN/CaptcarrrghOne call to action, thirty-five Amazon referral links, and nothing at all about the video. Doesn't hurt since nobody will ever find the content anyway. Like and subscribe.

Patrick Hall's picture

Haha what video is he making fun of specifically? Who recently released a video while sick?

David Pavlich's picture

I finally had to sign off after 3:50 seconds. I suppose he was mocking the videos he's complaining about but for nearly the first three minutes, it was example after example of illness induced video introductions. One example would have worked just fine.

There is that little slider at the bottom of a You Tube video that's a built in fast forward. USE IT!

Christian Lainesse's picture

And every video that starts or ends with a variation of "please subscribe and click the bell", I make sure I don't subscribe, and if I am subscribed, I unsubscribe out of spite.

Casey McCallister's picture

Is posting long videos when a typed list of 4 things would work better?

Kenneth Rose's picture

Is the irony deliberate?

i.e. using a very annoying video, of someone wth a pretentious and contrived style of presenting, who mistakenly thinks he is very interesting, insightful and perceptive, so as to complain about YouTubers that think they are interesting, when they are nothing but annoying.