[Funny] What Are People Actually Saying In Stock Photos

I've taken quite a few stock images in my life and it's always been funny to me what sells and what doesn't. Usually the most popular images don't really make much sense in real life. One of our readers just sent me this group of hilarious stock images with dialog boxes.

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That was funny! I laughed at almost all of those.

Calvin Runji's picture

lol. why don't we sit on the other side of the table? made me lol

Chris's picture

Will Ferrell was in a Nintendo ad?

Patrick Hall's picture

Lesbehonest, that woman has bigger things to worry about than a blurry grocery store!

Shannon Wimberly's picture

Yeah.... and shes holding that whatchamacallit in her hand ready to insert it somewhere... ;)

Shannon Wimberly's picture

and by the way.... why did they use the name Shannon in that one pic..... of all the names given to people on this vast wide planet... they used Shannon ?!?....... Whats up with that??!?!?

The last one is awesome!

About the nintendo one, that's not the Super Mario 3 cartridge on the table, so of course it's out. :P
Also, can you legally sell a stock photo featuring a known videogame / Mario? o_O

They are playing SMB 1 not 3   ( There where at least one NES version that came with a combo cartridge containing both SMB1 and Duck Hunt, and i think it looks like the cartridge on the table)  =P

Alfredito Gayou's picture

The real issue here is that there are 2 boy playing at the same time, and it isnt possible

lol, these are grand :)

Silie Lim's picture

Yea... 2 people can play super mario at the same time... LOL

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Outstanding, A+, would read again