An iPhone Upgrade That Doesn't Involve Buying from Apple

An iPhone Upgrade That Doesn't Involve Buying from Apple

So you've been thinking about the iPhone 5. And if you're not, you still probably upraded to iOS 6 today (well I did anyway). What if you don't want to go through any more hassle with Apple? What if you want to upgrade your camera, but don't want to buy a new phone? BorrowLenses came up with a kind of ridiculous option in case you find yourself looking to do the preposterous.

Who needs an iPhone 5 upgrade when you can slap a top of the line CP.2 cinema lens on your iPhone 4. This handy dandy solution knocks out two birds with one stone:
1. No need for a vintage filter app. Enjoy a warm hue, vignetted frame and ample dust spots on a lens adapter magnification screen.
2. Enjoy the optical advantage only the Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed Lens can provide.
Everyone who sees you filming with this bad boy on your iPhone will instantly know you’re a DP on the rise.

Silly, but fun!

[Via BorrowLenses]

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Paul Bryant's picture

For a trip to the bars, yes. Ridiculous. But as a director's finder or for location scouting, I think it's a pretty clean solution. No need to haul the cameras out, just grab your phone and the lens case and you're good to go.

For what I can see they are using the Photojojo's iphone srl adapter and just added the zeiss lens to it. Here's the link for the adapter if anyone is interested

Jason Vinson's picture

250 for an adapter to attach a lens to an iphone... wow... i wouldn't pay 10 for that thing! just grab a real camera if you are going to have all that bulk!