The Top Five Reasons Most YouTube Videos Are Unwatchable

Watch most YouTube videos today, and you'll see there are a ton of flashy transitions and over-the-top editing designed to keep your attention. This hilarious video pokes fun at current YouTube trends.

Warning: As with most Camera Conspiracies videos, there's a healthy dose of profanity in this one.

Coming to you from Camera Conspiracies, this hilarious video points out everything wrong with YouTube today, including all the seemingly arbitrary and unnecessary cuts and edits down to the overly tedious sequences that seem like a tremendous amount of work to create for the result. If you spend any time watching videos on YouTube, you're sure to recognize at least some of these common techniques. 

 I have to admit that I mostly agree with him. It seems as if educational videos borrowed a bit too much from vlogs, and what works in the latter doesn't always translate so well to the former. I also have a very similar reaction as he does whenever I see a sequence of someone walking along: all I can think about is how much work it was to walk 10 feet, move the tripod, rinse, and repeat. But hey, if you're making videos, you do what you think is best. And he makes a good point: audiences have short attention spans, and a lot of these techniques are made to keep them engaged. 

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Isaac Holyk's picture

This guy from Camera Conspiracies is an IDIOT!!! His content is garbage with no production value AT ALL, all he does is make stupid faces into the camera. He is an insult to people who work hard to be creative influencers. To say that PM B roll is not content is just stupid. This guy has to use Peter McKinnon and Matti in his thumbnails to get people to watch his shit. I am sorry but is there something wrong with being creative and taking pride in your videos so that every one is not just garbage of me walking around my poorly lit house and talking about nothing. Who is this guy anyways, why do I care what he has to say. His work is shit so I wouldn't take him seriously at all. Camera Conspiracies is one of the most un watchable channels on Youtube. It is kind of like people who write a few paragraphs on a blog site and think they are journalists. Hint Hint

Mark James's picture

I think he's funny and I watch most of them. I also think his point of people trying to be too artsy. It's knowledge sharing, and while I like a good production, I prefer entertaining and relevant content. When you've nailed those two, then go for the distracting SF.

I like it too.

My thoughts too Isaac. I stated something similar the last time they shared one of this guy’s videos. I was pretty much attached from all angles. Even the blog author got in on the act. He called it all satire... HA

Attached ? Don't read 50 shades of grey too much.

Bahaha *attacked.

Take a joke man haha

Alex Cooke's picture

I think you might be missing the humor in his intentional aesthetic. Also, you don’t really need to add “hint hint” for me to understand the swipe you’re taking at me. 😊 On that topic, I’ve written over 200 original articles; reposts aren’t all I do.

Alex Cooke's picture

Thanks, William; I really appreciate that. :)

16mm Camera's picture

You know comedians roast each other all the time right? It's kind of part of the gig, this is comedy to him and he's choosing to make fun of the countless cliche's we see time and time again from all these... "creative influencers".

I enjoyed this personally, nice post Alex.

Wes Jones's picture

His videos are hilarious. His other channel "Vegetable Police" is hilarious too.

Francois Dereeper's picture

I think he’s got a point even though it is obviously satire. People who take that too seriously and get offended should take a deep breath !! LOL
Peter McKinnon “the king of b-roll” spends half of his videos doing b-roll of making coffee 🙄 get to the f*** point man !!
But I think the problem aren’t the creators, but Youtube algorithm. If your video isn’t 10mn or longer, it means nothing to YouTube. So what do youtubers do ? B-rolls !!!
Blame the game, not the players !

For the love of god, can we stop with this guy already? Is he paying you to publish his nonsense crap? Are you relative to that guy? Is someone married to that guy? For the love of me I do not understand why you give this guy any importance at all.

He does not bring anything of value, anything at all.

Jeena Paradies's picture

I disagree. He brings those over the top over produced videos back down to earth in a funny entertaining and engaging way. It's much more fun to watch him deconstruct overused clichés than watch yet another over the top video without substance but with mega high production value.

user-156929's picture

Halfway through I got tired of waiting for the hilarious part. :-/

really disappointed Alex, and have to side with some of the others, watched your featured video from camera conspiracies, and then another. Essentially 35 minutes combined of arid, acrid hubris. Way back in the day Newhart {Bob} was dry, but funny, and you might've learned a thing or two.Issac Holyk and Gonzague are right on the mark. This was worse than click bait.

I always thought that Kai guys videos were bad, but at least in a fifteen minute video he would have two or three minutes of actual information related to photography. This guy though, I just don’t get. I watched a few videos linked from Fstoppers and won’t be watching anymore.

Alexis Cuarezma's picture

damn, some people take themselves too seriously. I think he's awesome and funny. I just watch his video at 1.5 speed lol i certainly get a kick out of what he says and I agree with him.

user-164303's picture

Why do you keep posting links to video? Do you get paid for the linking?

This site often is just regurgitating others content which is making it less useful. Watching the videos is a time consuming and often fruitless exercise most of the time, a well written (or semi-literate) bit of prose would likely be a better way of getting across the information across efficiently and accurately.

Jeena Paradies's picture

I'd say I disagree, reading a longish text requires all my attention and I need to concentrate a lot and can not do anything else at the same time. Watching a light and entertaining video I can do while commuting, doing the dishes, chilling on the sofa, etc.

... one of the most unnerving flaws I (often) notice is a wobbling auto-focus. it's very unprofessional and so obviously distracting that i don't understand how youtubers still publish it anyway. Maybe this is the kind of mentality that prefers quantity over quality. Thanks for the video 👍

David Arthur's picture

This video about why videos are unwatchable is unwatchable.

What the hell ?!?!? The MAIN reason YT videos are unwatchable today is because, like this guy's, they're TOO FUCKING LOOOOOOOONG & STUFFED WITH USELESS CONTENT !!! And yes, too much "funny content or story content" becomes useless content, especially when irrelevant. People are busier than ever. Videos need to be straight to the point.

Matthias Kirk's picture

I prefer this full on nonsense garbage over some ill informed camera reviewer who presents a video full of half truths and pretends he is some kind of expert. Quite refreshing...

If you have time to watch 'youtubers' who aren't even good at the craft that they claim to be experts in than you probably aren't a professional. Most professionals don't have time to watch youtubers explain that reading a manual is important and then 5 mins of slow motion of themselves looking off into the distance. Youtubers are just trying to make you watch as much as possible and really aren't trying to teach you anything, they are trying to sell you some sort of product, or LUT, or course.

For the most part those youtubers are for kids, people who think that what they are portraying is reality and dont really know any better and don't have a career for themselves. These youtubers are good at making everything look cool but dont be tricked in believing that somehow you are learning.

This specific video is funny because it does everything in the opposite fashion as those he is roasting, a little tongue in cheek, but totally accurate. You really should stop validating youtubers and stop following and watching their pointless videos.

The problem I haven’t with this guy and with f stoppers re posting his nonsense is the same problem i tend to have in general with f stoppers

You guys need to stop with the entitled elitist “only the good guys do this and if you do this you are an amateur...” BS posts that actually make people want to put their camera down.

I have seen posts on this site that say people who edit with FCPX are not Pros. People shouldn’t shoot wedding with crop cameras. Crop cameras are pro tools. You should never use bokeh. You should never keep things in focus. You should never should should can’t can’t can’t. This is wrong....this is over used .....this is cliche’. On and on and on.

You know WHY people gravitate towards to Peter McKinnon? Or Casey? Because they inspire people to be creative and encourage photography and video.

Isn’t that what this site is supposed to be? A place for community, inspiration and encouragement? Instead it feels like “ewww, I would never take a photo without a million camera, who would, right Lee? Right Alex!!

You guys have become snobs. Congrats!

I will be completely honest and maybe this makes me a tool but I have actually put my camera down a few times based on stuff I have read on f stoppers. It just totally drained me and took the wind out of my sails.

I guess that’s what happens when you become a “pro” you get to be little people and tell everyone how they should shoot with their camera.

Jer Tobin's picture

Just a random tip for everyone: Stop presenting yourselves as the gatekeepers of comedy and what's valuable to people and making a pompous ass out of yourself in the process.

You think something sucks. OK, cool, but guess what? Literally zero people care that you personally don't like subjective material that you feel so strongly that your opinion is correct and need to argue about it because your ego demands it.

Just go shoot stuff.

Alex Cooke's picture

This. So much this.

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