Utilizing Natural Light in Photojournalism

The ability of identifying various qualities of light and knowing how to interpret that light is essentially a core concept of photography. One must learn how light translates to an image in order to successfully convey one’s vision and develop a style. In this 5 1/2 minute interview, photojournalist Ed Kashi chats with Marc Silber about his growth as a photographer by way of understanding light.

Listening to Kashi speak about his craft is helpful in reflecting upon your own work. He reveals his struggle to adapt from artificial light to natural light and the introduction of color to his body of work. It’s explained that with the cameras of today, it is no longer a major issue working with the amount of light due to advances in high ISO image quality. Rather, one can now really focus on the quality and direction of light. With less variables to trip over, Kashi is able to better connect with his journalistic subjects and bring forth impact and true emotion to his photographs.

[Via ISO 1200]

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Tobias van Schalkwyk's picture

Very interesting video. Had to do the same with this shoot - http://www.creatographylabs.com/hiltons-home/. Had to ask the poor guy to burn some of his "special" plastic crates to get the fire up to shoot. Canon 6D is amazing in low light though. ( This was shot in natural light with 6D and 50mm f1.8 II )

Karma Wilson's picture

Hey Tobias, I just took a look at those photos. Great storytelling!

Kyle Blunt's picture

Great video, nothing can beat good use of natural light.

Stephen Vosloo's picture

sage advice from one of the greats! Thank you for sharing