Tips and Tricks for Shooting the Icelandic Volcano at Night

As the Icelandic volcano continues to erupt in Gelingadalur, Iceland, these two photographers share their very best tips and tricks for photographing a volcanic eruption, and luckily the same techniques can be applied to landscape photography anywhere in the world with an active, erupting volcano.

Gudmann and Gyda once again head to the recently erupting volcano in Gelingadalur in Iceland where they share their best techniques for capturing the magnificent magma on display at night. During night shooting there, it's incredibly difficult to capture a well-balanced, decent exposure of the volcano due to the fact that the magma and lava is so bright compared to the darkened surrounding landscape.

In this video the two intrepid photographers show us exactly what kit they pack into their camera bags, explaining their reasoning behind why they use neutral density filters to capture the already dark scenery, and show us some survival gear that needed whilst out shooting in the extreme environment that is Iceland during an eruption. Armed with a myriad of Nikon kit the two used Nikon Z 6s and Nikon D850s to capture their film and photographs, and also took along a Zoom H4N audio recording device with a separate microphone to capture some truly spectacular audio to accompany the images. They get very specific with camera settings and thoroughly explain their choices for specific pieces of camera equipment, it's a helpful insight into landscape and nature photography shoots which should help any photographer who wants to photograph a volcano.

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