Getting a Start in Headshot Photography

Practically everyone needs a great headshot these days. If you have a desire to get started in headshot photography, this video from Canon Technical Advisor Eric Stoner is full of great information you can use to begin.

Now more than ever, people are being introduced to the world primarily through a photo on a computer screen. Even if a person doesn’t necessarily need a headshot for business reasons, just about everyone could benefit from a good headshot for social media use, and some have even seen more success with online dating from the use of a good headshot. For these reasons, many photographers are starting to offer headshots and personal branding as part of their portrait photography services.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive to get started in the headshot business. You can create wonderful headshots with even the most basic of cameras and lighting setups. The video above touches on the fundamentals, such as ways to light faces of different ages and shapes, along with the reasons that you would choose different lighting setups in certain situations. You’ll gain an understanding of the benefits of using flash both on-camera and off-camera, various modifiers that work great for headshot photography, and ways to create different background effects.

Finally, Stoner touches on some of the business side of headshot photography, with advice on getting your name out, practicing your craft, and pricing for success.

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