Studio Photography Lighting Essentials: Size and Position Matter

Understanding the basic concepts of studio lighting is equally important to the seasoned professional as it is to the aspiring new photographer. In this episode of a series on lighting, photographer Mark Wallace explains how the size and position of your light can change the quality of light. What's nice about this video and others from Mark is that it is easy to follow as he illustrates exactly what he's talking about. 

Among the topics illustrated is hard versus soft light, and how each affect contrast. This video is definitely geared for the more novice photographer, but it is still good information presented clearly. Wallace then uses a model to put the brief lesson plan into action so you can put all the pieces together. The other videos in this series tackle ambient light and shutter speed, and the basics of using a light meter. The videos all run from six to nine minutes in length and combined offer a good tutorial in photography lighting basics.

After two years of traveling the world, Mark Wallace is currently traveling through South America on a motorcycle, taking video and photos and blogging along the way. You can check in on him through his blog site Mark on a Bike.

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