Adobe Is Finally Ready to Listen to Your Lightroom Performance Woes

Adobe took to its Lightroom Journal blog to ask users to submit feedback about Lightroom's "most pressing issues" when it comes to performance of the application. In the blog post, Adobe wrote "I would like to address concerns recently voiced by our community of customers around Lightroom performance, as improving performance is our current top priority." I would beg to differ with Adobe on the timeframe within which these concerns have been voiced, but it's great to know they're getting serious about improving performance.

Of course, Adobe didn't pass up the opportunity to state that they have made many improvements to Lightroom's performance over the last year, but perhaps the request for feedback specifically relating to performance issues (and not to feature requests) is a sign they're taking things more seriously. If you've been a Lightroom user over the last several years and are having performance issues (sorry for the redundancy there), this is your chance to let Adobe know where you think Lightroom needs to speed up.

If the directness and simplicity of Adobe's survey is any indication, maybe they really are ready to get serious about performance. It's actually one of the most to-the-point surveys I've ever taken. It won't take you long either.

Head over to Adobe's blog for the full post or simply start the survey here.

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jean pierre (pete) guaron's picture

Adam, I started trying to fill in their survey, and found it is a complete waste of time. The issues that interest me aren't even mentioned, and there's no provision for anyone to add to the subject matter of their inquiries. I think it is rather typical of their complacent attitude to customers, and frankly, I find myself using their products less and less with each generation they produce. Meanwhile . . .
I think my next purchase of PP software is likely to be Capture One Pro - I'm really not getting much PP assistance out of LR or PS any longer, and it's tedious feeding photos through them.

Garrett Reid's picture

I can speak a little towards the customer service concerns of your comment. I have called Phase One a couple times and it's been great. No hold time, in fact I don't remember there being a menu to even go through. A rep just picked up. I asked my question and the rep asked a software engineer right then with me on the line. I suppose they were sitting next to each other. My concern was addressed in the very next software update. Seemed that I was talking to just a room full of people working on their product. Very cool and very different from calling Adobe.

Patrick Hall's picture

To be fair, I think your story just goes to show how small capture one really is. I hope C1 or someone else can spark the fire under adobe (I have my own beef with slow Premiere updates) but at the same time, C1 is a pretty small company that would have a hard time serving the number of people Adobe does without facing some of the very problems huge corporations face when that size.

Lane Shurtleff's picture

Size of the company doesn't matter when Adobe is still trying to "band-aid" an archaic program that hasn't been updated in probably 15 years. Adobe needs to rewrite all the code to work smoothly with current Intel engineering and stop hiding behind the fact that "so many people use our product it has to work on everything" mentality. Yes, Phase One and the C1 tam are small, but because they don't have to make their premium product work with an entire suite of programs like the Adobe Cloud, it allows them to only focus on it's main intent- getting the best possible quality output form high-end sensors (medium format, etc) but because Adobe has dropped the ball big time on actual professional user, catering again to the typical consumer, Phase One has had to incorporate RAW processing of the widely used DSLR market as well. C1 were able to start the system architecture from scratch giving them a key advantage to work with high-end computers and use that power more efficiently. Ever notice when you open PS for the first time after a fresh reboot, when you're in another program (web browser etc) Adobe FORCES their program on top of whatever you are doing? And, when you close an Adobe product it still keeps all that RAM allocated to their program.

Kenneth George's picture

So not trying to be a wise guy or anything like that but I think you may be missing the point of this survey. To me the requested data is specific to performance issues that people are having with the product and it also appears to be trying to gather general machine specs along with the complaint. I myself find culling and browsing to be so incredibly slow it is painful in Lightroom. If they were to have a write in box for general nonperformance issues mine would be how crappy is works with Fuji RAW files

Adam Ottke's picture

Sorry to hear you had trouble. If you're going to go to C1, anyway, then I wouldn't worry much about the survey. But there actually is a part where you can fill in your top three concerns and write everything out the way you want to, though it may be on the next page.

william mitchell's picture

I like the snail image. Before the creative cloud Adobe software had better quality control. Adobe once promised to use Apple's Metal and then backtracked.

Helmut Steiner's picture

While you are at it. WE WANT PSB FILE SUPPORT!!!

7 years have passed and they did nothing to fulfill this feature request which is getting more important every year hence to the increased resolution of digital cameras. How about Fstoppers writes something about this so the cash cow Adobe once listens to its customers...

Please give this thread in the support forums a hit and write something:

Chad D's picture

adobe does not seem to care about performance just making money and many feel the same way
they do so many things nobody is asking for over what they are

lightroom and PS are perfect examples of not moving forward over the years tiny things yes but performance has not moved much at all even with all the performance gains in hardware and storage speed and GPU
lack of proper gpu support or using storage speeds the program itself gets in the way along every step

funny how so many a powerful GPU in LR has to be turned off or its slower !!!!!!

C1 performance has made huge gains in areas with storage access and GPU

I do not do video but friends that do laugh at adobe and how slow it is compared to FCP and the fact adobe is basically where it was at the start with performance and has not really improved

Motti Bembaron's picture

Like Apple, Adobe invested more time and resources to silly mobile apps than to the more pressing problem of LR speed (and even PS speed). They became trendy oriented rather than listening to professionals who use their apps every single day.

This announcement from Adobe is, in my opinion, just a smoke screen to pretend they are doing something. All of a sudden they want my input? They can go on the Net and find thousands of comments. There is nothing to input except: Make LR MUCH faster, that's it.

wesjones's picture

Personally, I don't use any of the mobile apps.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Me neither and I am sure many photographers are the same. However, I have no doubt that ALL of us use the desktop version and would love to see a huge and way over due improvement in LR performance from importing (two hours importing a wedding at 2:00...) and editing to exporting.

Ariel Martini's picture

The single most time saving feature: Build smart previews and then go to Preferences/Performance/Use smart previews instead of originals.
Boom, lightning fast LR
Not recommended for retina displays though

Alexander Petrenko's picture

On Mac it makes it much faster. On PC - just barely.

A B's picture

Adobe sucks
Lightroom sucks
Adobe knows
I know
You know
we pay bc we kinda stuck
Adobe knows
Adobe don't care

Gustavo Ferlizi's picture

Too late; I jumped ship over a year ago.

I installed Lightroom two weeks ago to reality check and my god was it sickening.

Adam Ottke's picture

What did you jump into?

Gustavo Ferlizi's picture

Capture One + Photoshop