Adobe's $10 Photography Plan Missing for Some Users as Adobe Runs 'Tests'

Adobe's $10 Photography Plan Missing for Some Users as Adobe Runs 'Tests'

Thursday, PetaPixel pointed out Adobe's incredibly popular $10 per month Photography plan was missing from its website. What's really going on is a bit more complicated, but it could mean big changes are coming for photographers that rely on one of Adobe's best deals.

Adobe's current lineup of photography-related plans includes the Photography plan and the Lightroom plan, where the Photography plan comes with Lightroom, Photoshop, and options for 20 GB of cloud storage ($9.99/mo.) or 1 TB of cloud storage ($19.99/mo.). The Lightroom plan is Lightroom-only for $9.99. But it's that first Photography plan that many, many photographers (myself included) are huge fans of. When Adobe switched to a subscription-only model, many creatives felt it was asking too much. But for photographers, plans like the Photography plan seemed reasonable enough to go along with it. But what if that price were to double?

Recently, some users have noticed Adobe is not displaying all of the available Photography plans, which means if you want both Photoshop and Lightroom, you're going to have to pay $19.99/mo. for the 1 TB plan, since the 20 GB cloud storage plan is gone. This is incredibly unfortunate, especially considering many users simply do not need or want any cloud storage space to begin with. And now, $10 only gets you Lightroom with 1 TB of storage, but leaves out Photoshop entirely.

Some users can apparently still see the original plan, and Adobe has now commented about the more affordable Photography plan:

From time to time, we run tests on which cover a range of items, including plan options that may or may not be presented to all visitors to We are currently running a number of tests on The plan can be purchased at, via phone at 1-800-585-0774 or via major retailers."

While it may be the case that it's still available, unsuspecting users (i.e. new customers) would almost certainly not know about the original Photography plan for $9.99 when it's not presented on the page. They would have to either shop elsewhere or specifically call in and ask if there just happens to be a more affordable plan available for purchase. Even then, who is to say Adobe may not be running tests through their phone sales as well, where they would tell some people and potentially not others. After all, this is what's currently happening on Adobe's website.

Notice how Adobe's current wording on the bottom shows only the $19.99 starting price. This continues for many users that view all plans as part of tests Adobe is running in a way that for some seems linked to the Internet browser they're using.

It is understandable that a company might want to run tests for various design, interface, and marketing elements and how this is all displayed on a website. But it might not feel right to some who would unknowingly purchase more than they needed to. Rarely do companies actually remove more affordable, better plans from many customers' views while leaving it up for others as a test.

Of course, this could mean the worst could be coming, as someone has to ask why someone would run such a test. If these tests are successful in that more than half of the percentage of people that only see the $19.99 Photography plan still end up going through with that purchase compared to the percentage of people that see both plans, Adobe will have good reason to get rid of the more affordable plan altogether. While Adobe may grandfather in current subscribers as many companies do when there are subscription price increases and changing plans, anyone new to photography would face paying twice as much as we all did when we started. Those that rely on being able to stop a subscription and restart it during varying work cycles would also be hurt by not being able to keep a more affordable plan.

This is all a big what-if scenario, granted. But actually changing pricing by hiding a plan for a vast number of customers is a pretty drastic way to run market tests. But what do you think?

For now, everyone can still find the standard Photography plan for the original pricing at B&H.

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Motti Bembaron's picture

The thing is, it might change in the very near future. Their test is only in the US but it could becomes permanent t to all users globally.

charlie sanders's picture

With photography going to cell phone users and the losses in major camera manufacturers (directing efforts to other fields) I’m not surprised that adobe would do this recoup some of their losses. I’ll be “recouping “ some loss of income by dumping Adobe. We do have options. Too bad but , time to bow out

I visited a major car dealer the other day. I saw this great car that suited my needs. So, I walked up to the salesman and told him I wanted to buy it. We walked over to his deck and he drew up the paperwork. However, I noticed it was written up as monthly payments. I told him I wanted to pay cash for it on the spot. He then proceeded to tell me, and I quote.......wait for it........
“I am so sorry sir, we do not sell our cars to our customers, we only rent them.”

If this actually goes through, I'm done with Adobe. I don't care how much of an 'industry standard' they are anymore. They flat out know they can be greedy now, without offering anything new or of value. We haven't seen any huge major cutting-edge updates in so long, and Lightroom itself is still really laggy after years and years of customers complaining. Also, giving only 20GB is a ridiculous amount for the photography community when they know that RAW files are often very huge. They should be offering 1TB just like Microsoft does, along with more affordable add-on plans to get more storage or at the very least let us hook in our cloud storage providers of choice (again, just like Microsoft does). On top of that, Adobe has some of the most expensive cloud storage plans on the market and the most SLOWEST at syncing. And especially with them removing 'Classic' from the Lightroom plan, those customers will be paying $9.99 + ridiculously more for more storage since you can't use your local storage. I honestly don't see any value with Adobe anymore as they are focusing more on nickel and diming their customers instead of listening and improving our customer experience to stay with them.

Peter Zielinski's picture

I did the 10 dollar plan for a while, but then Affinity Photo came out. One payment of 50 dollars, same set up as photoshop so you dont have to relearn the interface. Some featers work better such as the panorama photo stitch or making tricky selections