A Guide to Effectively and Efficiently Editing Large Batches of Headshots

Editing large batches of photos requires an efficient workflow, with headshots being no different. This great video will show you how to quickly and effectively edit a large set of headshots. 

Coming to you from Sean Tucker, this great video follows up his first one on creating a successful corporate headshot session. If you missed part one of the series, be sure to check it out here. Normally, if you're shooting a single headshot, you tend to take your time and carefully edit every single blemish to perfection, creating a highly polished result. When you're working with a large batch of them, however, such as when you've done a corporate shoot, it's simply not viable in terms of time to show that kind of obsessive attention to every shot, nor is that what's expected of you. That's when developing an effective and efficient workflow that you can easily replicate from image to image is crucial. As Tucker mentions, however, while having such a workflow is crucial, it's equally important not to let your attention be lulled to sleep by it; each photo still demands an individual eye for details that you might have missed during the shoot. 

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Michael DeStefano's picture

I feel like a lot of this could have been done in Lightroom a lot faster and applied to all images saving a ton of time. Also using the cameras built in rating system would make his entire 1st sorting unnecessary. Maybe people don't realize rating the images in camera 1-5 stars show up in Lightroom as 1-5 star rating? Thats how I speed up large shoots like this.