How Could ACDC Transform Your Landscape Photography?

When it comes to editing your landscape images, having a practical approach to what changes you should make can be hugely beneficial. But how can ACDC guide you to the right decisions?

Photographer Andrea Livieri shares his approach for editing this stunning shot from the Lofoten Islands of Norway, a popular destination when it comes to creating striking landscape images. Livieri’s approach to editing is systematic, going through a process that helps him to understand each image and make not just the right choices, but in the right order to achieve results that leave his viewers Thunderstruck.

Finding the right crop can always be a challenge and it can take a while for any photographer to get a feel for what qualifies as negative space as opposed to dead space. Grasping the right balance comes from experience, not just from taking photographs, but by editing your images. By that, I don’t mean tweaking curves or applying presets; instead, it’s a case of sifting through your images and figuring out which ones work and which ones fail. Immersing yourself in fine art can also be beneficial, using the likes of painters such as Georges Seurat or Edward Hopper, both of whom were masters of putting nothingness to good use.

Has ACDC helped your work or did it lead you on a Highway to Hell? Let us know in the comments below.

Article thumbnail uses an image by CJ Sorg used under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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Joe Redski's picture

Great video. Thank you. Really beautiful work. I'm now going to utilize the ACDC system in my work whilst listening to ACDC on Spotify.