[BTS Video] Creative Shootsac Commercial Shot With The Red Epic

The guys over at stillmotion have always got their hands in something new and creative. This time, they teamed with up Shootsac to film a short commercial showing the point of view of their Tote & Shoot bag. To film this, they used the Red Epic with a Zeiss CP2 Lens. They really kept their gear to a minimum which is why you see them using the Kessler Pocket Jib and an 800w Profoto HMI for a rim light while filming outside. I'm anxious to see how the full commercial turned out.

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The stillmotion guys and gals are my absolute favorite studio!  They are so passionate about the creative side of things, very inspiring!  Love'em!

false advertising! no guys in their right mind use a shootsac! 

hah, I use one as its pretty low profile.