Douglas Sonders Shoots In A Sunflower Field

Douglas Sonders just sent over this really quick BTS of a photoshoot he just did in a field of sunflowers. I think he does a great job of lighting his model and balancing the harsh sunlight with the strobes. Check out more about this shoot here.

Sunflowers & The Model Photoshoot from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

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a Little too much processing after methinks. I like the sky, but she looks orange.

Methinks he means rim lights.

Nice photos.

As Nathan said, a little too much PP for my liking as well but I guess it comes down to personal taste.


Juelles looks amazing. Great work.

took an OK picture and made it look like garbage. nice work.

A lot of photoshop work, but really cool and worth it.

I like the unedited pictures much more or the b&w is really great too. But after pp it looks more like crazy 'jesus lookalike' picture -> as a card in a church - well ok, but as a result of pro's work? Just one word - disgusting!