Making Something Cool When Your Environment Is Boring

Have you ever felt that certain photographers and film makers just get the great shots because they get to go to some super locations? Or because they get commissioned by the top brands to have all the best lighting and equipment? A guy called Brandon Li had almost the same experience. He travels to some amazing locations, but decided to make a short film taking place in his hotel room. He sets himself a challenge to make something interesting from a boring space or location to push his creativity and think about ways to make it in to something more appealing.

I've been jealous of some vloggers and some photographers on more than one occasion. And often I'd tell myself just to get the camera out and go shoot. Whatever it is, just get out on your own or with a friend and go do something.

What I learnt was that it's not about what you shoot, but more about how you shoot and edit to make something worth showing people. The pacing and style of editing iof this video makes you want to watch, and he does a great job of directing the actor. I imagine he had a clear idea of what he wanted, although it wasn't set in stone, and he was able to adjust the scene and story as he went along and then further in post.

What I take from this is that locations aren't boring at all. For us there must be a story that can come from it. 

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awesome video and step by step