[Timelapse Video] Your Photographs Are Being Tracked By GPS, And It Looks Beautiful

Have you ever wondered just how many photographs are taken each day? Maybe you've wondered where the most photos are taken throughout the world. Well the GPS data tracking company Triposo has released a timelapse video that shows exactly where most of the world's photographs are taken. With the help from sites like Flickr, Dmoz, TouristEye, Open Street Maps, and dozens others, Triposo was able to plot popular areas for photography using GPS data embedded into the photographs themselves. Not only did they capture the location of the photos but also the day it was taken. Check out the crazy timelapse video below and then scroll down to see still shots of the most popular days people are using their cameras.

January 1st

May 1st

October China Holiday

November 30th

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Relzlife Ho-Shing's picture

what the heck happened on November 30th???

Patrick Hall's picture

The theory is some sort of automated camera setting or something....who knows. Maybe that is the international day for holiday family photos?

wow.. so nice to see your country in full glow.. Philippines.. :D