[Video] How To Shoot A Sharp Subject With A Moving Background

In this Slanted Lens lesson Jay shows you how to create background motion by moving the camera and subject together on something with wheels. This image was shot at a warehouse for one of Jay's clients. Jay was trying to think of something a little different when putting the camera on the fork lift idea came out. Its hard sometimes to come up with something fresh when you're shooting the same location and subject over and over again but Jay created something that the client was really pleased with.

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edit: ...when your shooting the same location...

should be YOU'RE.

please & thank you ;)

Got it :)

"...first I placed a tripod on a forklift with sandbag so it's secure..."
believe me, it is NOT SECURE... Just a friendly advice... :)

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What was that little bit in the end with the Nikon being shot at?

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It had no significance except we had an old nikon that was not working.
Next Video look for a Canon to be distroyed. Were just weird no
subliminal deep rooted take over the world agenda. 

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You can call it "rig shot"...but nice tip to use flash to freeze the driver!

Interesting, short and to the point. Nice photo. Nice bts.

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This is a great video! I tried something similar to this for a story on a super coupon user in our community. I mounted the camera to the shopping cart and hand-held the strobe.

The problem I didn't count on was the natural left-to-right sway that peoples' upper bodies have as they walk. If I got a shutter speed slow enough to blur the background, her head was also had a little left-to-right blur. Out of dozens of attempts I got one where her head was sharp and the background was a little blurred, and I ended up adding some additional motion blur in Photoshop (which I wanted to avoid in the first place).

Anyway, it's a fun concept and there are a lot of creative possibilities there.

Neat vid.. I use a similar technique for shooting cars except I use a 15 foot long pole attach to the car with suction cups..