[Pano] Incredible Panorama of San Francisco After The 1906 Earthquake

[Pano] Incredible Panorama of San Francisco After The 1906 Earthquake

Check out this high-resolution zoomable panoramic photo taken right after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Shot from a kite 2000 feet over San Francisco Bay, the detail is jaw-dropping and the scene after the disaster is otherworldly.

For those who aren't familiar, the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco was a 7.9 magnitude earthquake whose epicenter was located only a couple miles from San Francisco. The enormous magnitude and close proximity to the city resulted in one of the largest natural disasters in American history. The death toll from the event, estimated to be well into the thousands (though official numbers have often been contested due to cover-ups and lost records) is the single worst loss of life from a natural disaster in California's history.

The image, which is absolutely stunning, can be seen here, on the Retronaut website.

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hoffsta's picture

That's pretty cool but the detail and dynamic range are nowhere near the level of my D800. ;>]

Jesse Shotland's picture

Are you kidding me? The dynamic range is probably 4 stops higher than your silly digital camera. 

And that's coming from someone who never shoots film.

hoffsta's picture

Please note the ;>] at the end of my comment...yes I was kidding you

ikeithb's picture

Amazing. I'd like to see that kite rig.

dillpicklegraphics's picture

Well the comment 'painted' on the photo itself says "airship" which translates to 'dirigible' or 'zeppelin' or 'balloon' which changes the meaning a fair bit, great pic though, nonetheless

Charles Benton's picture

For more on George Lawrence's use of kites, and kites they were, see: