Robert Hernandez Shoots Fire Up Close

Robert Hernandez created this video just for all of you FS readers out there. Robert's shoot isn't really that complicated from a photography stand point but I sure wouldn't call it easy. Robert is shooting images inside rooms purposely caught on fire for fire department training. The room reaches over 200 degrees while Robert attempts to get the shot and protect his gear.

Fire Department Live Fire Photo Shoot Behind the scenes from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue on Vimeo.

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Derek matarangas's picture

I dont think fires in miami get that serious in miami! Regardless great pictures!!! First shot reminds me of the ride in universal on the mummy ride.

Florencia's picture

Wow, I am totally impressed with these guys...that has to be tough!! Great photo shoot!!! Henry Orth is also well known in the photography industry...great job guys!!

Thomas's picture

You guys Rock!! that is awesome...very impressed!!!!

Carlos A.'s picture

NICE!!! I wish I could have assist you guys!! I am a firefighter myself and love to shoot on my free stuff!

Peter's picture


Andy's picture

5000 fps what cameras were they shooting?

David Gonzalez's picture

Just curious if you guys took any of these shots at a slower shutter speed and if so can you post them. Wish you would have more of how you guys were able to withstand the extreme heat. Great job though - bad a*s fire!!!

Simon's picture

He said 1/50th of a second...

Anyway, nice job, surprised they didn't give him the firefighter gear (boots, bunker, jacket). In the kitchen, would have been cool to orange gel the flash to get the color temp high (like the fire).

Adam Sund's picture

Oh dear god, please make an autotuned version of this - Especially the part around 1:39


Dafydd Owen's picture

Deleted ?

Patrick Hall's picture

Apparently, that's the nature of these videos....hope you caught it while it was up