Shooting With Natural Light in a Small House Studio: Behind the Scenes With Irene Rudnyk

Every photoshoot is different, but depending on your concept and style, you don’t always need a massive studio space with tons of lighting. If you happen to have a decently sized living room with some amazing windows to take advantage of some natural light, it could be your perfect in-home studio for some of your projects.

This is exactly what Irene Rudnyk does. Utilizing her large bay windows, she transforms her room into a small studio space while keeping everything simple. With a backdrop in place along with the sun providing spectacular light, her studio is complete. Strapped with her Canon 5D Mark III paired with a Canon 85mm f/1.2L, Rudnyk stands in front of her bay windows trying not to block too much light to capture her work. Pretty simple right? Rudnyk shares her camera settings on how the shot was made, which varies a little on ISO and shutter speed while pegging the aperture wide open. If you need more light, move your subject closer to the windows.

Watching Rudnyk in action already has some ideas running through my mind to set up a few different spots in my house that I could use maximizing natural light. Unfortunately, they are not giant bay windows like she has, but I think they could work well.

Did you get any ideas from watching Rudnyk? Let’s discuss in the comment below.

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In the article Rudnyk is wrongly written as Rudnyl. It is a excellent photographer. I know her from an other site.

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Should be called, "The importance of good post work using any lighting." If you're just going to burn all the shadows you want back in you may as well just buy a large soft box for constant light. At least then you can shoot at night. Everything else is just post work.