Using Windows In Portraits for Three Different Looks

One of the best light sources is the sun, but when you go indoors you are limited to where the light is depending on windows or openings that allow it to seep in. Using the light from that window can be fairly easy, but how do you achieve a good shot with the window in portrait shots?

Coming to you from Gavin Hoey with Adorama, Hoey covers their different methods to shoot portraits while keeping the window in the scene. If you are using auto mode on your camera, the results are less than desirable in many cases. Hoey shows you what the camera does on full auto and then switched to manual mode and demonstrates how you can take control of settings for better results. 

For the third method, this is the only one that requires having additional gear besides your camera setup. The additional piece is a simple reflector which is a very useful item and hopefully, you have one already. If not, there are many different ones available and most are very affordable. If anything, using a large white poster board can come in a pinch if you need a white reflector, and adding some aluminum foil for a silver reflector.

Next time you find yourself shooting indoors and want to keep the windows in frame, Hoey's advice should come in handy in helping you achieve your desired results. Do you have any additional tips for shooting indoors with windows behind your subject?

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