Lou Reed, the Unexpected Landscape Photographer

Lou Reed, the Unexpected Landscape Photographer

Like any truly talented artist, rock musician Lou Reed, who passed on Sunday at 71, worked in more genres than simply songwriting. Inspired by his close friend pop artist Andy Warhol, Reed explored landscape photography, often working with a digital camera converted for infrared. This body of work, known as “Romanticism,” was shown in 2009 at the Adamson Gallery in Washington, DC.

In an interview with Jion Ghomeshi from February 2010, Reed discusses his exploration of photography and his evocative black and white images captured in Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Rome, China and Big Sur. Reed was known to shoot with a Leica M8, S2 and a Swiss-made Alpa that he had converted for his infrared digital work.

Romanticism by Lou Reed

“I really love looking through the viewfinder, things look better through the camera,” said Reed. “It’s fun to always have it with you. It’s another set of eyes.”

A founder of the eclectic experimental band the Velvet Underground, Reed left the band in 1970 and had a long solo career and was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. Photographic art press Steidl published “Romanticism” in October of 2009 and the book is available on Amazon.

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NOW I'm bummed he is dead!

HAHAHA clicked on the amazon link, 1 1/2 stars.

Lets remember Lou for his music. This was a hobby. Really sad news.

that´s some news:

150 million accounts.... not 2.9 milion as reported before.