Snow Is All Around You? Go Out And Shoot It

Snow Is All Around You? Go Out And Shoot It

If you're anywhere outside of California, good chances you're kind of sick of this winter by now. More specifically - sick of the all that snow and sleet. Seeing the ugly NYC snow this week made me think of all the beautiful snow photos I've seen as a kid. Photos that made me believe snow is a magical thing. Here are some of these amazing images found on Flickr to remind us snow CAN be a good thing.

When was the last time you took a great photo in the snow? If you did so recently, share your results with us in the comments below or in our Facebook Group.

Stay warm!

Photo: SamAlive.

Photo: Kah-Wai Lin.

Photo: Itay Bar-Lev.

Photo: Brian Chen

Photo: Kirsty Mitchell.

Photo: Barry Yanowitz.

Photo: George Nutulescu.

Photo: Ben Thé Man.

Photo: Pierre Hanquin.

Photos: Adrien S-F.

Photo: Adde Adesokan.

Photo: zev.

Photo: Friðþjófur M..

Photo: mkc609.

Photo: Joanna Pan.

Photo: mkc609.

Photo: Tammy.

Photo: Edwin van Nuil.

Photo: Desirée Delgado.

Photo: David Talley.

Photo: Nir Ben-Yosef (xnir).

Photo: Jeff Lewis.

Photo: Dor Kedmi.

Photo: Ben Heine.

Photo: Andrew Mohrer.

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Hey! That's my photo! Thank you! :)

Noam Galai's picture

Great one Aimee!

Photo I took around Christmas last year.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Besides the blistering wind chill, snow is ideally atmospheric

Here's a recent shoot:

Jamie Gellings's picture

- 'Snowmotion' :) - West Bend, WI

I live in West Bend as well…Small world.

Alexander Roe's picture

Plenty of snow around in the Canadian Rockies!