Affinity Photo Is Coming to Windows

Affinity Photo Is Coming to Windows

Whenever we've written an article mentioning Affinity Photo, people have commented and complained that it is not compatible with Windows. But this is about to change in the next couple of months. Affinity just announced that they are working on Windows versions of their different apps.

Affinity Photo is professional image editing software that is very similar to Photoshop. However, it doesn’t cost as much and doesn’t require you to get a subscription. As the program had been developed specifically for Mac, it is very well optimized and most of its functions are much faster than Photoshop-equivalent ones. Both its price and performance have made it the definite choice for many photographers — its rating on the Mac App Store is proof of it.

However, there was something missing for many retouchers and photographers: a Windows version. Today, Serif announced that they were releasing Windows versions of all of their current apps: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. No precise date has been given, but a free beta should be available early in the summer for the Designer app. No information was provided regarding the Photo app, but I believe it will follow soon after that.

You are probably wondering if the Windows version will be similar to the Mac one, as it was initially designed specifically for Mac OS X. Rest assured that Affinity will do their best; at least, their press release informs us that both versions will offer the same feature and pricing: $49.99/€49.99/£39.99 with no subscription. Also to be noted, as Serif has one team working on the Mac app and one on the Windows version, the updates will keep coming on a regular basis. The release of the Windows versions of both programs will not slow down the improvement of the apps.

If you want to be among the first to try the Windows versions, you can sign up for the free beta of Affinity for Windows here.

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Marco Introini's picture

Yessss!!!!!!! :)

william mitchell's picture

With Affinity on Windows will Adobe improve the quality control of CC? More choices in Software is better for everyone. i have purchased Affinity photo and am learning how it works. it is like PS except the tools are in a different layout in the user interface.

Fritz Asuro's picture

This is interesting. I've always wanted to try the product and finally it'll come to Windows. The beta period would be the best time to see if it fits my workflow.

Andrea Dottesi's picture

There is a clear example that Windows has bought Apple but nobody have to know that :)

John Reed's picture

... now if they would do a complete version for Linux.

Deleted Account's picture

i am still learning how to use just a bit photoshop...........anyway welcome new softwares :)

Andrew Tihi's picture

looks like a solid app