The Colbert Report Takes On The Chicago Sun-Times Layoffs

The Colbert Report Takes On The Chicago Sun-Times Layoffs

Earlier this week we reported here about the layoffs at The Chicago Sun-Times, and their decision to teach their reporters how to shoot with their iPhone. This is a serious and sad story to the photography community and to the media community in general. This is why I loved it when Stephen Colbert took this matter to his own hands. "Pulitzer prize winning" Instagram filter anyone?

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How sad what is happening to journalism be it photography or writers. If photography is not a skill why do brides and grooms hire professionals for their wedding photos. If one only needs cell phones to take pixs then maybe the bride and groom can ask guests to bring a flower arrangement for the reception tables. Oh, u think florists r more professional photographers. so saddddddddddd!!

just pile the sticks in the corner as you all pull them out

Why do I have to go searching for the video?

Yeah, unfortunately my phone was a little too outdated for the Pulitzer Prize winning filter. I can only turn things sepia :/

hope the Sun-Times dies a quick death :-)

I highly disagree with the papers choice. But I bet a majority of the general public could care less about the difference between a great image and something that is good enough to look at. Most news station do not have great videographers. Many reporters even set up their own tv camera before doing an on scene report. But if a Hollywood movie was produced like this no one would go see it. Their are lower standards accepted by many people in documenting something like news than for entertainment.

This makes me sick.