Fujifilm Just Released Its Own Webcam Software: You Can Now Zoom in Medium Format

Just a few weeks after Canon announced the beta version of its highly welcomed software to allow its cameras to be used as webcams, Fujifilm is following suit. Fujifilm X Webcam means that you can use X-series and GFX-series cameras as high-quality webcams.

The software — downloadable here — works with the GFX100, GFX 50S, GFX 50R, X-H1, X-Pro2, X-Pro3, X-T2, X-T3, and X-T4. Unfortunately, the software is currently only available for users of Windows 10. One imagines that a Mac version will follow in the near future but there’s been no mention of it thus far. Fujifilm fans will also be hopeful that more cameras will be added to the list as Fujifilm’s smaller bodies are probably more popular and offer greater convenience. Once up and running, you'll be able to choose from all of your favorite film simulations.

During the lockdown measures imposed in countries around the world, video calls and conferencing have become part of many people’s everyday lives. Having the opportunity to use something you already own instead of the shoddy quality offered by your laptop’s built-in camera has been much sought after. With camera-connecting dongles in short supply, various workarounds have been found, and it’s surprising that other manufacturers have not been quicker to release their own software. Canon got there first and with Fujifilm in hot pursuit, should other manufacturers be doing the same?

Will you be downloading? Is Zoom even better when streaming through a medium format camera? Let us know your experience the comments below.

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It would be pretty awesome if every camera manufacturer could implement automatic webcam detection via USB connection. Then again, I suppose capture card manufacturers wouldn't be too happy about that as it would probably eat into their sales a bit. For now, it's the Elgato Camlink 4k and a Nikon Z7 for me.