Instagram Finally Brings Messaging Ability to Desktop

Instagram Finally Brings Messaging Ability to Desktop

If there is anything that annoys me about Instagram, it is definitely the inability to respond to direct messages on a desktop computer. Thankfully, the company has finally brought the ability to read and respond to direct messages to the web version of the app.

I absolutely hate typing on my phone, so much so that I do all my texting from my laptop. It also makes me horrible at responding to Instagram direct messages, simply because I dread having to type long messages with my thumbs. Thankfully, the company is finally bringing the ability to read and reply to direct messages to its web interface, making it far easier to keep up with your inbox. This is particularly important, of course, if you use Instagram for your business and you get client requests through the app, as it will allow you to more efficiently stay on top of client messages and send more carefully crafted and professional responses. To see your inbox, simply head to Instagram's website and log into your account. Your inbox icon will be in the top right corner. Though you still cannot post from the web interface, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Lead images via Pixabay via Pexels. 

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Been using it for about 4 weeks. Love it.

Rui Bandeira's picture

awesome, would love to be able to do lives from the descktop also.

Helmut Steiner's picture

Actually you could/can do almost all things in your desktop browser you can do on your mobile. Just open the developer tools in your browser (F12 if I remember correctly) and switch to mobile view. Reload the page. Now you can share images write messages and much more. It was always possible if you used this trick.

Deleted Account's picture

Pretty dumb that you need to use a workaround to get over something that should just be there, though... It's not like they're some tiny startup company with limited development resources. There's literally no reason that they couldn't have done this years ago. :/

Tom Reichner's picture

Their reason for not allowing many features to be used on a desktop was to differentiate Instagram from Facebook. They are owned by the same company, and Facebook wants to ensure that the abilities of each site was distinct from one another. By making Instagram a mobile, app-based site, they were able to ensure a high degree of product differentiation.

Marc Perino's picture

I also uploaded for years in my browser with this trick. I hate using the app. ;)
But it is good that it is even easier now.

Rui Bandeira's picture

yes, but making lives i dont think you can.

Leigh Smith's picture

Still can't log into multiple accounts, unless I'm just not seeing it?

Ryan Mense's picture

The more important implication to me is that you can use messaging on iPad now. Since they made it clear they won't release an iPad app, the browser version needed this.

Rick Boden's picture

I've been using a couple of Mac desktop apps for IG, Flume and Grids. So much easier than my tiny iPhone SE. Unfortunately Flume seems to have stopped all support and Grids moved to a subscription model but it is so handy that I had to sign up.

Carlos Pelay's picture

Thanks for info. Just downloaded "GridMaker" for Android. Not sure if it's the same one you recommended but seems great for square edits, panoramas, and grids. Most of the features seem to be free as far as I can tell.

Michael Anderson's picture

As a photographer, it drives me CRAZY that I can't upload photos to IG from my computer. How can this be? On top of that, how can this be such a popular format for pro photographers? We edit in LR and PS and need to also be able to upload new images to IG this way. It is the main reason why I rarely use IG.

Helmut Steiner's picture

You can upload from your computer. Try using the trick in my comment above!

J Maloney's picture

There are also desktop image uploaders for IG. Just do a search and they will pop up. IG is a funky, low feature app that caught fire for some reason and the world is trying to make it a defacto marketing tool. It needs some serious app upgrades to be world class.