Nikon's Four New Brand Ambassadors: Blair Bunting, Bambi Cantrell, Doug Gordon & Tamara Lackey

Nikon's Four New Brand Ambassadors: Blair Bunting, Bambi Cantrell, Doug Gordon & Tamara Lackey

Nikon today announced four new ambassadors to their rather impressive lineup of photographers who already included the likes of Dixie Dixon, Joe McNally and Corey Rich. The four additions include Fstoppers contributor and advertising photographer Blair Bunting, Bambi Cantrell, Doug Gordon, and Tamara Lackey.

Blair Bunting – Bunting is known for his invigorating automotive photography as well as his portraits of professional athletes. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Bunting has an impressive roster of clients for his commercial photography.

Bambi Cantrell – Cantrell is a San Francisco based portrait photographer, who is well known for her wedding, engagement and boudoir imagery. This award-winning photographer is considered a highly influential storyteller with a distinct photographic style.

Doug Gordon – Gordon is a Long Island, NY based wedding photographer and instructor. Gordon is recognized by his energetic and lively presentation style, and has created a multitude of resources for educating photographers on the art of posing and creative portrait photography.

Tamara Lackey – A North Carolina based family and lifestyle photographer, Lackey is a celebrated author, instructor and speaker, with a flair for delivering an authentic portrayal of her subjects. Whether photographing children’s portraits, families, celebrities or dignitaries, Lackey’s image style conveys the genuine emotion that makes her a trendsetting photographer.

I'm personally really happy to see my good friend and all around great dude Blair Bunting on the list. What do you guys think of these new additions?

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Sarah Williams's picture

Doug Gordon? UHM....

Doug Gordon ?!?? Is this a joke? He is the Billy Mays of 80's portrait photography. He twists and bends people into unimaginable poses. If he can work for Nikon then I feel I have a pretty good chance getting the next spot.

that's because you need to buy his Workshops !! That guy know more about photography than your mom know about you !!

Haha!!! Pleeaase...

Personally, I quite like the additions ; )
Thanks so much for sharing. We're all feeling quite verklempt.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Blair tells me you're a pretty awesome gal Tamara! I'll have to confirm this at some point soon :)

Aw, big thanks to Blair! Looking forward to your confirmation ; )

Tamara, I thought you were a Canon shooter. The Kelby video you did was with a 5D, wasn't it? Maybe I'm mistaken.

I used to be! If interested in why I switched about a year and a half ago, I detailed it out here:

If not, then, no worries : )

Any photographer will tell you that the tool doesn't matter. In the right hands they all do the same thing. This is all about getting a check or some free gear. Not that I'm not happy for them, use what you like and make money to earn a living, but does brand choice really matter? It doesn't.

You are totally correct. It doesn't matter, I was just asking a question to one of the Nikon ambassadors, who I seem to remember being a Canon shooter.

If you only drive a Mustang, being a Camaro spokesperson would be odd, that's all. Both cars work well and do all the same tricks.

Blair Bunting's picture

I have shot both, and will not speak badly of any other camera makers. The truth of the matter is that there are some incredible photographers shooting with many different brands of gear, and far be it from me to say that because it was shot on xyz brand that the shot is any less stunning.

Nikon works for me. I genuinely can say that as my journey has bounced around multiple brands and formats. Even with the offer of bodies and lenses, I still shoot with a D3x that has a dusty sensor because I refuse to send it in to get it cleaned. On today's shoot I was using some different lenses and, although I liked what I was shooting, I still feel at home with the 24-70.

I truly see the role of Ambassador as one to listen to you guys and talk with Nikon to develop the gear. I may speak a little, but in all reality am quite shy, so I feel that I can contribute the most by listening.

I agree wholeheartedly on the point of not speaking badly of any manufacturer. I believe great images can be made with any camera. I just associated (maybe incorrectly) the Nikon Ambassador program with "Nikon Lifers" like Cliff Mautner or Moose Peterson. Just pointing out something I thought was odd. Not trying to tick anybody off.

Blair Bunting's picture

I guess the program is what one makes of it. I told the guys at Nikon that if I joined, I didn't want to be limited on what I said. I believe more people will listen if they know that the person speaking has integrity.

As for the competition between brands, it is needed, and as photographers we will all benefit by companies striving to make a better product than their rival.

Von Wong's picture

congrats :)

I dont understand the negativity. As ambassadors i dont give a rats arse what they shoot with just teach me to better my photography and build a business against all these point and shoot wanna be photogs. I do shoot nikon although next year I will have a canon body to. I choose equipment based on need and the best glass in my budget. Congratulations.

I don't see how this is gg to improve sales? In fact it will increase the price of the cameras now they have to pay these fella money!