Topaz Mask AI Uses Machine Learning to Create Masks Faster

Topaz Mask AI Uses Machine Learning to Create Masks Faster

Today, Topaz Labs released Mask AI which leverages machine learning and neural networks to create masks based on simple brush outlines.

Topaz Mask AI uses a three-level “trimap” technique to create masks. Starting out, users can apply an auto mask that will compute the subject of the photo. From there, further refinements can be made in broad strokes to more accurately define what parts of the image to keep and which to mask away. Topaz believes that their system will create much more accurate masks with less work creating them compared to hand brushing in Photoshop.

Post-mask creation, Mask AI offers a collection of tools to make better edge selections. In the Edge tab, edge softness, edge shift, foreground recovery, and defringe sliders can be used for fine tuning. In the Background tab, masks can used for full replacements of the background including solid color cutouts and background blurring.

In the video below from my YouTube channel, I test drive the new application with three bird photos with varying level of difficulty to see how it works.

Topaz Mask AI is priced at $69.99 at launch and has a free trial available to try it out yourself.

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marcus brown's picture

Iv been tinkering with a free trial of Topaz Noise Reduction. They seem to have software issues, it keeps crashing my computer which is built as a high end editing build.

J. W.'s picture

Maybe you have an unstable overlock or driver issues. I ran the same software for a month and never had a crash of any sort. I decided not to buy it but I will give this masking a try.

marcus brown's picture

Its the only program that has done so, im not even overclocked on my cpu or gpu. Ryzen 5-2600 with a RX 580-8gig gpu, and 32gigs of ram. Seems I am not the only one, but will continue to tinker and look into things; as reports show many have similar issues

J. W.'s picture

Ryzen 9-3900X no OC
32GB 3200MHz
X570 GB Master with latest bios

I tried it for a month. I did not buy it because I was never satisfied with the results. But I didn't experience crashes.

Spy Black's picture

I suspect their apps blew out the CUDA cores in my system's card. They went through a wave of updates at that time. I wasn't sure if it was the card, power supply, or motherboard because the card still worked as an output device to the monitor and looked perfectly normal otherwise. So new card let's see what happens.

Regarding their software, it's quite a hit and miss affair. I use DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel, and they have a hit rate of about 10-15%. It's nice when it works tho.

Leon Kolenda's picture

I have the older Topaz masking, I use it quite often, and I like it. However, I watched this new AI version, I don't see very much difference from the older version. I just think Topaz has jumped on the AI Marketing band wagon. I don't see any reason to be upgrading. Just Say'in.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

And next year they'll come out with quantum computer software. That part about neural networking made me laugh. Yeah it's all a marketing gimmick.

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

Dear Topaz, please don't make BS as part of your marketing strategy; some of us actually know what Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning is. Your products are good, but please refrain from pumping out binary software under the pretence it's from Star Trek. Just say you've improved the algorithms and be honest.

Krzysztof Kurzaj's picture

Agreed. I never paid much attention to their software (I'm just not big on this aspect generally speaking) but I did see presentation at PhotoPlus yeaterday and I have to say I am impressed with their algorithms. They are not only quite sophisticated but also seem to be very efficient/optimized. Having said that the "AI" or "Neural Networks" pitch is really not necessary unless they assume their client base is somehow uneducated (and that's rather unlikely).

Brad Glass's picture

"But if we say we've improved the algorithms, then we'd have to admit MASK AI is an upgrade to ReMask!" Topaz is claiming this is a brand new application and not an upgrade … as a justification for not honoring their free upgrades for life policy. It's absurd as (1) they serve the exact same purpose, (2) they use essentially the same tools and UI, and (3) ReMask has been replaced in their store by MASK AI. I find this to be a dishonest practice by Topaz Labs. Quality companies honor the promises/commitments they've made to their loyal customer. Topaz Labs no longer does that.

J. W.'s picture

Not impressed. I tried it on a blond caucasian wearing a white wedding dress in front of some greenery and it spent more than an hour trying to clean it up on the Topaz software. It would have taken me about 30 minutes in PS to do a perfect cutout. For the price they are asking, I expected better results in around 15 min or less. This is the 3rd product I have tried from Topaz that feel flat on its A(I)ss. After one hour I expect better results than what an iPhone does in milliseconds.