Five Issues With Sony Cameras

No matter your camera brand of choice, there are always some details that will still bug you. Max Yuryev loves his Sony cameras for work, but he’s got a bone to pick with these five video-related issues.

Yuryev is a photography educator and wedding videographer who depends on his Sony cameras. All that time and experience behind these cameras has brought a few lesser discussed annoyances to the surface, and he shares them with us here. In the video above, Yuryev gets into issues of video playback, lack of a one-time focus AF-S mode in video, soft LCD image quality for manual focusing, external monitor woes, and the pesky filename reset for new SD cards.

Some of these problems that are addressed by Yuryev are sadly things I’ve noticed, but I’ve just been conditioned into accepting. For instance, not seeing the full frame when cycling through video in playback mode was just how it was, rather than me realizing it doesn’t have to be like this. It’s a great job by Yuryev to really break down his workflow and surface these issues that many of us may have just taken as is.

[via Max Yuryev]

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Sir.Lloyd Kirkland's picture

I know this isn't necessarily a Sony issue but more of a mirrorless camera issue. The lack of a proper external flash af assist is one of the thinks keeping me from going full mirrorless. I shoot alot of events and night clubs and sometimes there just isnt enough available light. Im fully aware that there is a af assist light on the camera body but its not as discreet as a traditional red patterned af assist light.Also depending on which lens you use the af assist light gets blocked.
I have seen the sony hvl-f45rm's led video light actually work with the sony a9 as an af assist sit light but its very bright.
Sony has been on a roll addressing all the set backs of mirrorless.I hope this is one issue they can figure out for mirrorless sake 😁. I have had a lot of issue getting quick focus with my a6500 in lower lit situations where i needed flash.
Here are a few of my pics showing the type of environments i shoot in.

thomas Palmer's picture

There is an AF lamp if you are refering to this (even my samsung camera had it)

Sir.Lloyd Kirkland's picture

Hi Thomas. I mentioned in my first post that im aware of that. If you read thru my whole post youll to see my concerns . The on body af assist light on sony is a orange led that is not as subtle as the red patterned af assist it gets blocked depending on the lens used.To my understanding mirrorless cameras cant register the light source used for those type of af assist lights.
I know the sony a7s, a9 and a7riii have made steps in the right direction as far as low light af goes but there have been times its been dark as hell and all i had was my af assist light to help me get my shot (ex. Below :beach fashion show were they did not plan the stage lighting out to good).
Here is one of many forums where others are experiencing the same issue.

I also posted a few pics of af assist light differences im talking about.

thomas Palmer's picture

That's true I think, but with some torchlight you may get a workaround, doesn't bug me for my type of work but it's true that for yours it could be problematic.

Maybe the profoto A1 does have such a feature, i personnaly dont use on camera flash

Sir.Lloyd Kirkland's picture

Yeah I think I might just have to hold on to might Nikon kit before fully crossing over to mirrorless. I just never really understood why all of these converted mirrorless shooters dont talk to much about on camera flash. Its still a very important flash method to us event photographers. I only mention Sony because they are in my opinion leading the mirror less revolution :)

The majority of all the reviewers and videos that I researched use these cameras in either well lit, slow paced , controlled environments. To date it seems the a9 does really well in low light according to youtuber "That one camera guy" but damn near 5000 bucks for just the body is steep. Yes we have the low light king a7sii but I cant lie 24mp on my D750 has been a sweet spot for me in regards to cropping and storage. A7riii crossed my mind but 42mp is over kill.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the a7iii will be the camera I hope it will be which is mainly more affordable lol :).

I truly hate to sound like I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too.When you hear more and more people saying DSLRs are on their last leg and mirrorless is the future I just want to know are all grounds going to be covered if these statements are true.

I appreciate you taking the time to talk shop Thomas . I dont want people to think I'm hating on Sony or mirrorless. Theres so much I do love about Sony but if i make that type of investment to switch I want to make sure I can get everything and if possible more from what DSLRs have given me all these years.

thomas Palmer's picture

Don't really know what to tell you, if I was shooting event I'd use an assistant, or bring a light stand but I would put the flash on my camera only at the end of possiblities. I shot an event (baptism) with the 7RII in november I think, it was still daylight and I only used a 85/1.4 and it turned out correct.

A7R III has not shot that much for now but it focused really well when I shot my profile picture, was rather dark but I still had the monolight assist lamp.

I never shot in my entire life with a DSLR so I don't really miss on battery or other things, but I really see why this can bug DSLR shooters. You'll have to make trade offs in certain areas (charging the batteries more, dealing with a smaller body, maybe the EVF latency say some) but you'll get a lot of trade ins.

I went from Samsung to Sony with no joy, some things were better in samsung bodies (battery, menus, glass weight, touch screen and maybe even skin tones) but in the end I got used to everything, changed a bit my manner of doing things and thinking and all in all, my life is much easier now that I have a dynamic camera brand, everything just works.

I think you'll enjoy the A7III, and you should see if there are 3rd parties brand that do the AF lamp thing.

Sir.Lloyd Kirkland's picture

I would love to be able to place my lighting off camera but more than often im shooting in packed night clubs. I'm a huge fan of bounce flash (thanks to planet ) and on occasion ill literally hand hold the flash (ex. Below)

Honestly i always try to keep my gear on me cause in my years of shooting in clubs there has been a few times a fight or something might break out and thats when i had straight for the exit and dont look back :)
I did have one mirrorless shooter suggest i just uae primes and shoot wide open. Not sure if he has ever shot in a night club before but i would never really just walk with prime in the type of setting and shooting wide open is not always an option because i shooting groups of party goers and someone will be out of focus. 24-70 2.8 or 17-50 2.8 are my go to lens depending on the body.

I do wish samsung would have stuck in the camera game. That NX1 was such a joy to shoot with and had features i thought was a lil head of its time.

I think ill try to rent the a7riii and give it a run around. My next thing is lens lol( im a very conflicted photographer 🤗) Im a tamron fan.