Apple's Arrogance on Full Display

Apple's Arrogance on Full Display

There are many reasons for a professional photographer or video editor to shell out thousands of dollars for Apple's new Pro Display XDR monitor. But only Apple would be arrogant enough to think anyone — professional or otherwise — should shell out $1,000 for a stand to go with it. 

You read that right. One thousand U.S. dollars to hold upright the monitor you just spent $5,000 or $6,000 to purchase. It tilts! It rotates! It raises and lowers! Come on. 

I'm an unabashed Apple fan. I typed this story on a MacBook Pro, I use two iPad Pro 12.9" tablets for work and for fun, and I have an iPhone X. I love tech, and I'm willing to put out the money to acquire the latest and greatest gadgetry that makes my life a little more streamlined and, yes, fun. And I'll defer to Fstoppers colleague Steven Kampff who argues Apple's Pro Display XDR is worth it. But charging $1,000 for a monitor stand is the height of absurdity. 

The very idea of spending as much on a hunk of metal to hold up your display as you would for a portable computer that puts the world at your fingertips and fits in your pocket is almost maddening. 

Some may argue that given the exorbitant cost of a high-end monitor such as a Flanders, paying an additional $1,000 to bring your total cost to $6,000 or $7,000 for a quality display (and stand) is still a bargain. But, realistically, what's the point of spending that much extra money for a stand? 

You can literally just lean the monitor against your new Mac Pro computer or even prop it up with a stack of books, such as Business Plans For DummiesThe Total Money MakeoverStack Your Savings, and Why Didn't They Teach Me This in School?: 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By, all of which would represent a better investment spending than $1,000 on a stand. 

You'll probably want a more stable solution for your $6,000 monitor, but there are plenty of actual stands that retail for far less than Apple's. While they may not carry the status of a Cupertino product, they'll hold your monitor in place all the same. 

I'm all for getting immersed in the Apple ecosystem, but the Pro Stand simply doesn't fit in at that price.

Would you spend $1,000 on a monitor stand? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of Apple's pricing. 

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Campbell Sinclair's picture

when you want to get your apple products repaired thats when they will screw you to pieces. I avoid them like the plague,. Any company that solders hard drives and RAM to their logic boards is appalling.

Even at $5k, the monitor MAY be a great deal (pending real-world reviews), but to try and sell the stand alone for $1k??? That's pure Apple hubris. Apple should offer two purchase options at the same price: one with a stand, and one with the VESA adapter. Charge $150-$200 for the stand alone. Unless these stands are hand-machined from titanium one at a time, there is no way they can justify asking $1k for it.

Sure, some simple pro photo and video equipment like tripods can be expensive, but those items are used hard and abused every day. A monitor stand just...stands there. On a desk. Not out in the rain or freezing cold. A monitor stand is not expected to function after being dropped onto the pavement from three feet.

What bothers me about monitors - and it's not just Apple who does this - is when the manufacturer doesn't include a standard VESA mounting pattern into the monitor case. That is my biggest pet peeve regarding monitors, followed closely by buttons placed right where you are most likely to touch the monitor to adjust tilt or height.

Felix Wu's picture

The price of the stand will become $750 soon enough because third parties are busy making one for under $400-500 now. LOL

Nick Dors's picture

Obvious that this article so written for the traffic and comments, but I am going to bite.. This is NOT a monitor for you mate!!@@!! It serves a TINY niche that is willing to pay for that stand.. Think of big animation studios or video production companies (and dentists a Leica). Get mad over the fact that Apple does not sell a "normal" cinema display anymore..

In the time when a perfect monitor, 90% of what this one does, can be obtained for one tenth of it's price, a thousand dollar stand is just what you have called it... Arrogance.

Mark Stallbaumer's picture

If Apple would have presented it better, i.e. The price of the monitor is $6000 or $7000 and you can save $1000 if you choose to use a Vesa Mount, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Matthew Saville's picture

Nothing to see here, folks, just another person who doesn't understand a Louis Vuitton / Maserati etc product market.

I learned long ago to not complain about luxury items I thought were exorbitantly over-priced. It's my own damn fault for not busting my ass hard enough to become so wealthy that I don't bat an eye at $1K add-ons.

Thankfully, I'm happy to spend the rest of my life as a used/refurbished Macbook Pro kinda guy.

This is part of what's wrong with society today- the aggressive shaming of something we're just jealous of. Get over it. There's stuff in this world you'll never be able to afford.

So what, Some female friends of mine give this amount of money for a handbag.

Brian Pernicone's picture

They could just as easily use that handbag to prop up the monitor and at least they'd be able take it when they go for a night out once in a while.