Is the Nikon D850 for Men Only?

Is the Nikon D850 for Men Only?

The Nikon D850 is quite the beast of a camera. It holds a massive 45.7-megapixel full-frame sensor that can record 4k video and create 8k time-lapses. It can shoot at a blazing fast seven frames per second and has an enormous 51 image buffer when shooting 14-bit raw images. The focus speed is insanely fast, deadly accurate, and offers 153 focus points with 130% more frame coverage than the older Nikon D810. The only problem with such an amazing monster of a camera is that Nikon thinks it’s too much for women to handle.

I know what you are thinking. No way Nikon would ever make such a claim. It seems absurd that only men could handle the D850. I myself can think of a large number of women photographers that would be more than capable of producing spectacular images with any camera, let alone this camera. But when Nikon created a team of 32 professional photographers to be the faces of the Nikon D850, they didn't choose a single woman photographer.

When building a list of 32 photographers, you basically have to go out of your way to not include a single woman. The problem here though is not just with Nikon, but instead with the entire photo industry. Brand ambassadors are filled with mostly men and entire conferences are filled with only male speakers. It would seem that the majority of photographers are men or maybe it's just too hard to find a woman that's not busy cooking and cleaning. 

Or is it feasible that the D850 is in fact for men only and Nikon plans to release a pink and sparkly D850w for women to use?

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Kari Bedford's picture

Where men are still expected to assume the burden of pursuit and rejection?

This is an assumption and a complaint that is most likely based on your personal experience. Not a "fact." If you want to take a look at cultural norms surrounding mating rites, that's a more complex conversation and I can almost guarantee we will arrive at the conclusion that dating expectations are fucked for both sexes. The flipside of this argument is that women are expected to be passive, sexually "innocent" objects of permanent desire. Who are then expected to turn into pornstars in the bedroom.

Where men are still expected to foot the bill for dates and trips.

Again. You're complaining about cultural norms and traditions that take time to change. Women have only been allowed to have credit cards without their husband's permission since the 1970s. Want dating equality? Fight to end the wage gap.

Where men are expected to give at least flowers on Valentine's Day and men get nothing?

LOL! Men get "nothing." Let's look at who does most of the housework YEAR ROUND. And women are expected to have sex in exchange for said flowers.

And again -- you are still complaining about outdated cultural norms that are still *changing*.
Cry me a river.

Where women in America initiate 70-80% of all divorces?

This tells me that men know they have it pretty damn good -- and women are fed up.

Where women disgustingly use sex as a tool to control and manipulate men?

Where men are statistically WAY more likely to rape a woman?

Where men are automatically accused of being controlling for simply exercising the protective instinct that most male mammals have towards the female of their species?

How you are going to "prove" this with your fancy "logic" and "facts," I don't know. But okay. When a woman is "protective," she's psycho. When a man is "protective," he's...."protective."

Where divorced men are expected to support their ex-wives for even decades after the divorce?

Where women are expected to give up their education, their careers, their social lives to make sure a man can advance in his education, his career? You don't seem to recognize quid pro quo. I'm pretty sure in your world, a man works 60 hours a week while the mother of his children gets manicures and runs away with his money and the pool boy. How old are you?

Where women have the advantage when it comes to custody or even visitation rights regarding their children?

I agree with you wholeheartedly on this point. Women have this *one* advantage -- and again, it's based in sexist logic -- that women are the only primary caregivers when raising children. It also has a lot to do with stability and who has spent the most time with the child. And yes. It's bullshit. But it's changing.

And hey -- a man in Michigan who raped a teenager was just awarded parental rights to the child he forced into the world....soooooooo. Yeah. Cry me a river.

Where men are are judged more harshly in courts and in sentencing?

Where men are more likely to commit HEINOUS violent crimes, in general? Maybe you missed Vegas, Columbine, Oklahoma City, THE WORLD....?

Where women think it's still OK to strike a man while a man should submit to that?

You cannot prove this. I call bullshit. No one of any worth thinks it's okay to hit another person -- period.

Where men are typically suspected of ulterior motives for simply being friendly and courteous?

Where 1 in 4 women has been the victim of assault and almost ALL women have been subject to unwanted attention. Try riding a bus in drag some time. If women have their guard up, that's not a female problem. That's a male problem.

Where women want equal rights when it comes to jobs but rarely volunteer to do the dangerous ones?

LOL. Yeah. Okay. Women are paid less for doing the same exact work as men because we won't do the dangerous jobs. Logic fail.

Where men are wrongly accused of being misogynist (who came up with that word?) when they equally chastise or even insult women in the same way they would insult other men?

In your world, gender based harassment and violence is not real. Misogyny is not real (that guy who murdered a bunch of women in California must have just been having a hard day.) Soooooo. Yeah. Again. You won't look at the statistics of violence against women or gender based crime, so this is a moot point.

Where men are expected to be able to read minds?

Again. Cry me a river. Women are expected to do the emotional work of men day in and day out. Listening, validating men's feelings, praising men for every little thing (ie: "babysitting the kids" instead of simply "parenting"), empathizing, cheerleading, ego stroking, hand holding, and initiating any kind of therapy or counseling. No wonder we throw our hands up in disgust and initiate divorce. Men can't seem to take responsibility for their own emotional workload in relationships. general.

Men are minority. That's a simple math fact.

Ben Perrin's picture

Yes let's be sexist and racist in one comment all whilst complaining about sexism within the industry. It's comments like these which puts me off your arguments completely. But it's ok to be sexist and racist when it suits your cause, right Katrina?

Anonymous's picture

One female ambassador? Come on..the whole thing is blatant sexism...great stuff Nikon..wake up..

Eduardo Francés's picture

After reading all the mysoginistic comments here, without doubt I can say: I hate the internet...

When will Nikon, Sony, Fuji, & Sony get with the program? What will it take for women to be recognized in this industry?

sebastian gonzalez's picture

The portraits of the ambassadors are terrible. So many ambassadors for what?

REALLY Nikon????? I have been a Nikon user since 1981, I could have bought at least 2 more houses with the amount I have spent on Nikon gear and I KNOW MANY WOMEN that are the same as me. AWARD winning WOMEN Nikon users. Can SOMEONE at Nikon explain this to me?

Kara Counard's picture

Representation matters. Period. It is a disservice to everyone to not include equal representation. This was blatant exclusivity. And Nikon's reasoning was a slap in the face. It was their responsibility to get this right. I want to see all women, with a majority of women of color, in the next panel of creative professionals.

Daniel Lee's picture

Yikes! Really goes to show how much farther things need to go in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Katrina Hannemann's picture

and all over the world...the comment section alone shows why so many need to take a gender equality class. Women face this level of ignorance and flat out condescending attitudes constantly. Hearing the thoughts of men who dismiss equality is almost to the point of boring if it wasn't so demeaning and tragic.

Ben Perrin's picture

Katrina, your comments are the ones oozing with ignorance. You do realise that you are the one with a flat out condescending attitude right? You look at the world through the lens of what group you think people should belong to and then judge them for belonging to that group. I feel sorry for brainwashed people such as yourself who seem to think that gender equality classes are a good idea. The sad thing is that you think that because you are on a certain side that it entitles you to act a certain way but you are acting worse than the people that you oppose.

jonas y's picture

Well, what gender equality class does is make sure everyone is as dumb and angry as third wave feminists.

I met great female professional photographers with pro style cameras. And some of them I believe are better shooters than most who are on that board. However, pro photographers are not the mass of the market, enthusiasts are.

The point is, I get asked about gear questions a lot from my ethnic community. Most Asian girls I know, ruled out full-size DSLR as an option even when money is not a problem. They much prefer cameras like EOS6D and A7 series for size and weight reasons even when they demanding a full frame camera. These girls see a camera as a tool instead of the interesting object by itself. Meanwhile, men tend to get the bigger models, and they are much geekier and care more about specs. Therefore market D850 towards men in that market is more affection. This point can be proved by the overwhelming number of dudes who follows iRental's gear review on social media.

Lastly, if wasn't for this stupid article, I wouldn't even know about which gender shot what.

jonas y's picture

Of course, they know, they just don't want to compare women and Muslim in their victimology game. Therefore just ignore what is happening in that world completely.

jonas y's picture

As a personal hero of mine, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is being branded as an extremist by them, that is when I realized these people went too far.

Daniel Lee's picture

Not at all, not sure how you came to that conclusion.

Daniel Lee's picture

I typed "Yikes! Really goes to show how much further things need to go in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa."

You responded with "Really? You just noticed the female problem in the Middle East?"

I'm asking how you came to that conclusion and asking for you to clarify.

All social justice warriors should unite to tear this crap Nikon sexist company down. Then there will be nothing but Canon to dominate. That would be great for competition.

What a clickbait article.
Nikon Asia dose not represent the whole of nikon.

I see a mix of male and female photographers on the U.S website.

Yes, Asian countries are more male centric. We all knew that.

Phil Harvey's picture

What did Nikon say when you phoned them up and asked them to explain the marketing campaign?

I am so pleased this is being discussed! I wrote 'An open letter to Nikon' earlier today:

I am yet to hear back from them.......

That was Nikon Asia.
DIXIE DIXON was one of the first to test the D850

Jason Vinson's picture

I saw it when Lanny shared it and it was great!!

Okay, this looks bad. 32/32 is not a good number, somebody should have noticed. 32/32 is not an accurate representation of the people who are A) extremely talented Nikon shooters, and B) interested in playing with the D850.

However, I gotta say something about all these feminist battle cries of outrage about the photography industry as a whole:

As someone who has met hundreds or even thousands of other photographers in real life, (and definitely many thousands online) ...I think it is folly to argue that men and women have an exactly equal level of interest in the geeky (and let's just be honest, the measurebating) ...side of photography. Which is, generally speaking, what goes on at these "exciting new tech toy" type private clubs and events. (I've been to a private "new camera" event before, and it was NOT a Nikon event, and it WAS largely dominated by men.)

YES, women are just as talented and as creative and as men, if not more. But men are generally more into the geeky, numbers stuff. So what? Get over it.

Why can't we just accept that the sexes have SOME biological differences? We do, after all, have different chromosomes. And different body parts.

I'm not saying that Nikon deserves zero backlash for this. They deserve some. But let's be careful to differentiate between feminism, and hopeless attempts at homogenizing the sexes.

Katrina Hannemann's picture

yes, please lecture to all us emotional women what feminism is.

Lordy, all you boring victimized men. Keep at it, we are enjoying watching you die on this hill and exposing your ignorance.

HUH? I didn't even look to see where "feminist battle cries" were coming from. Now that I do, it seems pretty 50-50 from men and women. Am I wrong?

My whole point was, there's a biological difference between men and women that leads men to obsess over this type of stuff, and women to think it is, well, boring.

No victimization of men is being alleged. I'm just pointing out that maybe this 32/32 number happened only partly because of sexism, and ALSO partly because of an inherent difference between men and women that is not something that needs to be rectified.

(And don't mistake all this for me trying to imply, "just let men have their fun, honey, you wouldn't understand." That is NOT what I mean. In fact most men dream of meeting a woman who loves gear just as much as he does.)

Chuck Eggen's picture

You must be one miserable woman. Fix the world you will.

Kari Bedford's picture

You missed a VERY important detail, Matthew. All photographers use CAMERAS to create photos. And the ladies, with our whimsical fairy creative hands, still need to use a freaking CAMERA to create our whimsical creative fairy photos that require absolutely no technical know-how because, you know, our vaginas do all of the thinking for us.

So regardless of your outdated, lopsided view of how technical (read: smart) men are, women still use the same goddamn tools men do. And should be included in the testing.

This is like saying that women needn't be included in the designing of a home because most construction workers are men. Has it never occurred to you that a woman's perspective on something might be essential for completely SEPARATE reasons? Let's assume your assertions are correct. That is, men are technical and women just have creative vaginas that make magical whimsy happen. Even if we take that into consideration, there are a MULTITUDE of reasons to include a variety of testers.

Hi Kari,

I tried to make it clear, but I guess I didn't:

I totally agree with you, that camera usage is just a means to an end, and in that regard women are just as as good as men if not better, when it comes to the final photographs produced.

However, here's the point you missed: I was merely pointing out that, factually, (not my opinion, just an observation of the industry) ...these types of camera "hype-up" groups / activities are largely focused on the geeky side of things, the measurebating.

I did NOT say this was a GOOD thing! In fact I wish this wasn't the case. A bunch of photographers sitting around trying to measure the ISO improvement of a new camera is a pretty crappy way to promote that camera.

In fact I'm downright sick of the boring, sometimes even awful "sample image galleries" that we see from some major publications these days. I know that either myself (or any of the innumerable female photographers I know) could easily produce far more compelling images, if given a chance. Because at the end of the day what matters isn't remembering the exact aperture and focal length of the expensive lens you just bought, what matters is the images you capture with that lens.

Having said that, my point stands: let's not pretend that the sexes have exactly equal interests in every single aspect of the world. Men and women have different toys, different interests, and that's fine. We as a society need to get past that fact, and yes, we need to get over our obsession with geeky and technical stuff when it comes to new cameras. A team of 16 men and 16 women would probably have done a LOT better job of promoting the D850 in a wider variety of photographic genres, absolutely.

BTW, your excessive self-deprecation using the terms "creative vaginas" and "magical whimsy" just makes you appear to be bitter about the issue. I don't mean that as a personal attack, just an observation on the vibe of what you wrote. I do understand that my reference to "feminist battle cries" was kinda disrespectful, though. Fair enough.

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