Patrick Vs Lee, Vote For Your Favorite Image

Patrick Vs Lee, Vote For Your Favorite Image

Patrick and I recently had a shootout to see who could take the best photograph at a Waterfall. We need your help determining the winner. 

Below are two images taken at two different waterfalls in Puerto Rico. To help us determine the winner please vote on your favorite image below, and then see if you can guess who took which shot. 

Please write your opinions below and we may read your comments in the final video. We hope to have the video released in the next few days. 

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Michael Holst's picture

1 - Tilted slightly clockwise?

2 - The beams of light look fake.

No. 2 might have won if there was a sexy model in a bathing suit gazing at the sun rays. :-)

Does anybody else see the huge face in the rocks behind the waterfall in No.1. Similar face to Easter Island statues or Mt. Rushmore.

I like shot 1. I think Lee took shot 2, Patrick took short 1.

I think I would prefer shot 1 if it was vertical to include more sky, and was shot at a higher height.

Luke Adams's picture

This poll seems a little pointless when you’re not even shooting the same subject/waterfall. The question almost then becomes which waterfall do you prefer more? And beyond that, one isn’t even a picture of a waterfall, but of a guy standing by a waterfall. Apples and oranges really. The comparison where you both shot the same beach house was much more interesting.

user-156929's picture

Kind of a silly question since they're both, umm... adequate. Don't quit your day jobs! But since that's not your thing, they're both pretty good with each having pros and cons.

Quite frankly I don`t know enough about either of you to have any idea other than a random guess as to who would have taken the photos.
As for the pictures themselves I prefer #1, the waterfall is much just more picturesque, and frankly I almost always prefer a shot of nature without some Bozo standing there ruining the shot.
I find the modern trend of the look at me here selfies annoying, occasionally it is good for size context, however just having someones back or feet in every shot is tired, and way overused.

I find the first image to be a nice photo of a waterfall. But it isn't all levelled out. The second image is less the portrayal of a waterfall than telling a story, so that it works for me for a different reason. The rays of light seem just a bit too fake, thpugh The second image as a whole catches my attention more than the first one, even though I am not a fan of "I've a quest to fulfill" poses. If the first image is straightened out, it would make for a nice decorative printout.

I think Patrick shot the second photo and Lee the first.

Jordan McChesney's picture

I prefer the first one because I feel like the person in the second photo is actually making the waterfall look smaller and less impressive, due to the perspective. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a person for scale.

As for who shot what, I’m going out on a limb and saying Lee shot the second one, because based on his battle with Mike, he likes the photoshop wizardry.

Mike Kelley's picture

this only proves that you both really miss me!

Muhammad Al-Qatam's picture

The light rays in image 2 add more depth and feeling to the image.

Celso Mollo's picture

I like the slightly long exposure to smooth the water in photo one also well composed and exposed, that was my vote.
The second one is not bad but Patrick could have slowed the shutter a litrle since he used himself as a model and set the camera on a tripod.
Ops... I am having second thoughts now, maybe Lee took the second one becuse I think Patrick would have thought of slowing the shutter down if the camera was on a tripod.

Keith Davis's picture

You guys always come up with ways to make the site fun and interesting...thanks. My opinion for what it’s worth, I like number one the best because it provides interest throughout the image. But personally I would like to see just a bit more detail in the water.To me it looks like white paint spilled over the rock. Number two, as already stated, loses power because of the relative sizes of the waterfall and Patrick. Both are better than I could do however.


Both are good, not spectacular - sorry guys. But, I like the first a lot better. It has composition elements I like without being cluttered. The second just looks too busy.

Hey, is this some kind of a game that you two came up with? It looks like a study in composition - what to do and what not to do! First one looks more thought out, but the second one looks like a bunch of composition subjects and techniques that, alone, would work well, but were thrust together into the same, overwhelming photo to the point that they blend together. A case that justifies "less is more"? If I'm wrong, sorry guys, but this is just the way I see it.

Were the light shafts added from Luminar?

Ceremco van Goch's picture

I'd say lee took the first shot (no idea why) but its also the better image in my opinion. By modelling in photo 2 the waterfall looks small and the light rays are a bit fake. Also the waterfall looks blue which puts me off a bit. In photo 1 the photo should be tilted counter-clockwise a bit. Overall nice photos!

Marco De Maio's picture

Image 1 for me( Lee?), for image 2, why add light rays? ;)
( btw i see the face too )

Dan Grayum's picture

Image 2 is more interesting but looks like the god rays were added in post (too fake) and the water fall looks less grand.

Photo 1 isn't mind blowing, but it is a very nice image that captured the subject well.

Both are better than what I can do for now tho!

Matt Williams's picture

Both are good pictures. But #1 isn't anything I haven't seen a thousand times. That's not bad! It's very beautiful, picturesque, and very well done. But it looks like most pro photos I've seen of waterfalls.

#2 tells a story. I don't care for the light rays (removing them altogether would make the photo nicer, imo), but even still, there's a real intent with that photo. I really like how the placement of the guy + the wide angle seems to dwarf the size of the waterfall. #2 says a lot of things, #1 says few.

But, after voting, I realize I'm in the minority here.

Scott Hussey's picture

#1 is better, technically. But #2 is more interesting because of the inclusion of a person.

Yann Langeard's picture

So many beautiful chicas in PR.
So why did you put Patrick in shot #2 ?

John Pettigrew's picture

I know you guys are just having a bit of fun, but I am sure you could have came up with better images, just my opinion, great site nd tutorials keep up the good work.

Dilyana Hezhaz's picture

Definitely like no. 1 more and I think it was taken by Lee. Like some people commented, the second image is attempting to tell a story but I'm one of those people that prefer a cleaner landscape image over this anyday. Having in mind that Patrick is more focused on storytelling photos in the latest critiques, that's another hint.

Angelo Duarte's picture

Ha, looks like they're trying to uncover some unconscious bias here!

I prefer the 1st image. In the 2nd picture it doesn't look like Patrick being in the frame was planned in advance. Seems like it was an off the cuff plan B for him to jump in the frame, especially when you look at the choice of clothing, the potentially fake light beams, the insta-repeat concept... hopefully this doesn't crush Patrick's dreams of a career in lifestyle / adventure modelling.

No idea who would have taken either, I reckon the fact Patrick is in one of them is a red herring and he probably took that photo, so I'm saying Lee for no. 1 and Patrick no. 2. Look forward to the follow up

Chris Poblano's picture

Being able to see where the water is going and the color I felt made for a more interesting shot.

If No. 2 had a lady in a bikini then maybe I would've vote for that one. : ]

Studio 403's picture

Reluctant, because vote for #2, the person in that photo is a take down from the beauty.

Peaceful Pics's picture

Prefer the first image, without the moon boots the second image isn't as good.

Bill Peppas's picture

No2 is a much better image in most aspects.

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