Wedding Photographers, Your Next Gear Purchase Should Be a Photobooth

Wedding Photographers, Your Next Gear Purchase Should Be a Photobooth

As a wedding photographer, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to add to our income. This usually comes in the form of photoshoots, prints, albums, and various types of upgrades, but most wedding photographers seem to be missing out on one of the easiest ways to make more money.

Why a Photobooth

Lets face it, photobooths are a blast! When I’m a guest at an event, I’m always excited to walk in and see there is a photobooth. Most weddings we shoot these days have a photobooth, so why not have the fun of that experience associated with your name? Because the service is photography based, it also makes sense for a client to get a photobooth from their photographer. An added bonus is anytime there is a photobooth at an event, people are less likely to tap on my shoulder and ask me to take their picture. This allows me to concentrate on capturing real moments around the reception while also getting more images of guests for the client through the booth.  

You're First in Line

Most clients follow a very similar path as they look for vendors. This path usually starts with the ceremony and reception location and then moves directly to finding a photographer. From here they move onto other details such as DJ, food, decorations, etc. The benefit of this is that most couples have not even considered who to hire for their photobooth by the time they hire you. This allows you to be a very valid option before the couple has even started to look for suppliers. Also, if they are already hiring you for their wedding photography, then you have already established trust. So as they search for other photobooth vendors, you will already have a large advantage. Lastly, getting the photobooth from someone they are already doing business with makes life easier on them so they don't have to deal with an additional vendor.     

Built in Up-Sell

When adding a new product to your lineup, it's always a good idea to have different types of upgrade options. Not only does this give the client more options to customize the service to fit their needs, but it also gives you the ability to make more money. Things like adding prints, different backdrop options, props, instant sharing, and many other options can all be add-ons. Similar to having different packages for wedding coverage, you can now have different packages for your photobooth. This also allows you to sell the service to more people depending on what their budget is. If a client has a lower budget but has the time for some DIY, then you can sell them just the booth and let them worry about the backdrop and props. Likewise, if a client has a higher budget, then they have the ability to get a full service package and not worry about doing anything else.

You’ll Already Be There

Another key benefit to adding a photobooth to your offerings is that you are already going to be at the reception. This isn't something that needs to be setup the day before or requires you to travel to different locations that you don't already plan on going. You also don't have to add time to your day, because you are shooting the wedding, you are already going to be at the reception. This allows you to to simply use some spare time at the beginning of your reception coverage to setup the booth and then be done with it until it’s time to leave.  

You Do Not Need to Start a Photobooth Company

Just because you have a photobooth, doesn't mean you need to start a photobooth company. While selling your photobooth to corporate events, birthdays, and parties can definitely be an option to bring in more money, it’s not necessarily needed in order to make the photobooth a cost effective purchase. While this would surely help pay off the initial purchase faster, the thought of adding on all these different events and the possible need to hire someone to run it can quickly make it seem like too much work. Thankfully, even having a booth strictly offered to wedding clients only, the initial purchase can be paid off fairly quickly. Once paid off, there is little to no cost associated with running the booth. Every event thereafter, you are making strictly profit.   

Not All Booths Are Created Equal

When it comes to getting a photobooth, their are tons of different options and things to consider. Things like printing, ease of use, open-air or enclosed, lighting, camera quality, etc. This especially comes into play when you start to consider you upsell options. If you want to supply prints, then you obviously need a booth that can do that. If you want guests to be able to instantly share their images, then you need a booth with that ability.  

When purchasing my photobooth, the main features I was interested in was image quality. I wanted an open-air booth with a super simple setup, and it had to have the option to print and share instantly. Because of these stipulations, I decided to go with the booth from Photobooth Supply Co. Not only did this booth fulfill all my requirements, it also did quite a bit more than I initially expected. Features like having the ability to record GIFs, share instantly to Facebook, SMS, email, and it has a large touch screen interface for the user. I was also very pleased with how fast I could set it up. Since shooting the wedding is my main concern, I needed to make sure that I wasn't going to be wasting a significant amount of time on booth setup. However, with this booth I can set everything up and get it running while people are eating their meal and still have time to eat myself. I also love that, in my market, this booth is very unique in comparison to other vendors.


It’s fairly obvious that there are many benefits to adding a photobooth to your offerings. They will make you more money, require very little work, and you have the ability to sell the service to a client before they even start to search for a supplier!

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Jason Vinson is a wedding and portrait photographer for Vinson Images based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. Ranked one of the Top 100 Wedding photographers in the World, he has a passion for educating and sharing his craft.

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A nice tidy kit but wow that is expensive!

I have 4 machines I built myself, mostly all different and I bet each one cost a quarter of this T10 crap that's in the images above.

7-9k for a setup. i like the compactness, but I don't do enough to justify cost. I use the accessories I already own like touch screen laptop, flash, camera. Dye-sub printer is the only thing I use for photo booth exclusively. Software links it all together for seamless integration, sharing if on wifi, etc.

This is a useless space filler the photo booth craze is already over, you missed it by 18mths

I used one last week. Clients loved it. #cali #made5k #dontbeadick

Photobooths can add revenue to any photography business. And there's a tradeshow in Vegas each year to learn more about how to market and operate. No affiliation, but the URL is

Photobooths are still highly demanded around here but you can build your own box, or have someone build you a custom box, for a fraction of the cost. I built my own photobooth box that sits has a 6" baby plate on top for a strobe and sits on top of a junior stand for under $150 including all the hardware.


Saw this post and had to sign to tell my story. Don't think this is the best for your business. I had one and got ride of it. Support from the company was bad. And when you really need help no one is there to help you. it might work for your business but ask the real question.

When i order my booth I was excited. wow Photo Booth. They made it look sooooo easy. Well opening everything from a box was awesome. Getting it going not to bad. But out of the box has some issues and its a saturday or sunday and you are at a wedding. and the booth is not working. Who do you call. Please leave a message after the beep. NO ONE. No one is there to help you. Now you can pay to have service from the company but hey this was the first time and that service cost some really money that you don't have. It take time to get it set up. You have to have someone there to run the booth or yourself. Talk about the case and printer. Its not like that video i tell you. You could not be a wedding photographer leave this thing in the back seat of your car, pay someone to set it up and stay with it. Come back to make sure it works. and they when it does not pull your hair out. Now when it did work it was great. people loved it. They get to enjoy and wedding or event and then get to take something home. What is there not to love about this. But the company does not tell there are just the middle man. They don't make anything but the shell of the of the Photo Booth. Its a surface pro in there with a canon rebel. Ok nothing special. The company brings up this hype that people like me didn't really think about in the end.

Just remember Its not all good things.

Meh, just do Lee's method with an old camera and spare equipment, so much cheaper.

........................................or............................ a 360 degree photobooth :::)

I don't think this is a good idea. If you're a wedding photographer you should be 100% focused on what's happening at the wedding. If something goes wrong with the booth you probably won't have the time to fix it. (Unless you hire an assistant for the booth of course, which impacts your profit.)

I'd rather focus on the job - making great (and spontaneous) memories - without the extra stress than adding a photobooth with mediocre results to earn some more. There's enough good companies for that.

I have a bunch of machines. The secret is to get some attendants to run them for you while you shoot. The revenue these things can bring in is pretty good.

I did this for a while... regretted it every single time I committed to adding it to a wedding.

However, if you are able to find someone you trust to set up and monitor the booth then these are great... BUT if not you'll be finding yourself troubleshooting when you should be photographing the wedding reception... plus hauling extra stuff around and setting it up becomes a hassle.

These can be great, and are a lot of fun for the guests experience, but I'd rather find another photographer to team up with for the day that really rocks the 'photo booth experience' and recommend them to my bride and groom... just my $.02

These people are out of their minds. It's amazing that everything photography costs 7-8 times what it should. Then again, when three pcs. of rubber and a few colored gels cost over $100, I guess the sky is the limit when it comes to ripping us off.

If you think it's a bit harsh, well it meant to be.

if you think you can create amazing products for people at a more reasonable price, all while making a living and paying for your business, then why aren't you doing it?

I have often thought about adding a photo booth into my list of services. Great post!

The price for those boxes is out of this world. They are so expensive some vendors don't even post prices. I put my camera on a tripod and uses remote trigger, done.

I only once attached a laptop to it so people can see but usually I just print them on the spot and they collect 12-15 minutes later.

I used to use an Alien Bees Einstein now I am now using Godox AD200 shoot through umbrella.

That's really informative. I appreciate your skills. Thanks for sharing.