New HTML Photography Websites Worth Checking Out

If you have followed Fstoppers for any amount of time, you know we are big advocates of photographers having great looking websites. Most photographers love the look of a flash site but more and more companies are starting to offer both flash and HTML versions of their sites. Creative Motion Design has been hard at work creating flashy looking websites that are coded in HTML so your potential clients can check out your work while browsing on their mobile devices and tablet computers. This week CMD released their first fully customizable HTML websites Rosie and Ethan with more designs coming out throughout the rest of 2011. I love the look of Ethan, and the prices on these sites are reasonable especially since CMD's customer service is leagues above many other website design companies. As soon as Lee and I have some free time, we are planning on converting our sites so they load up easier for potential clients.

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Hi Guys. I know it has probably been suggested a million times but with a bit of easy short code implimention the pro photo blog site can become quite a tasty yet simple wedding photography website.( I believe fstoppers used to use this templete here).

 I know i know there will be about a million people saying that its a boring template etc but its so so adaptable. I bought this template about 12 months ago and have since changed my site twice for "better" full screen wordpress versions but after many hours messing about I went back to Prophoto. I learnt some shortcode (5 mins online!) and I am really happy with it now it has flash based galleries which look tasty and smooth but in ipad and iphone it auto changes the view to a lightbox style view simple! Most importantly it allows me to bulk upload full sided images saving tones of time. 
I dont know of any other wordpress template that does this. 

Ive had such a great increase of traffic as people spend longer on my site because its easier to use and much less bounce traffic and the seo its crackin! . my site is if you want to see whats possible. nothing revolutionary but clean and simple enough to get a bride to book and clients friends and family all over my blog!

Just my 2 pence worth

I see your point Pat but the number is actually 19% market share for apple and Windows phone 7 is adding flash as well as all the new black berries. So its safe to say you MIGHT be wasting your energy building out a blah site simply to be able to be seen on an Iphone because those are the only phones being recently sold that can't seem to handle good looking websites.

One of the things my company does is develop for mobile devices. One of the things we point out to clients is that Apple is TRYING to control the transition of tech but the numbers prove that people are buying more Androids than Iphones. So we could cater to Iphone users and Apple's limitations, or would could focus on the other larger portion of Android users that seem to be increasing at a bigger rate. Android tablets currently are holding a 20-30% market share as of this month and they are all able to load flash sites.

None of this is really that important if your daily tool is an iphone and ipad. I used to hate both, but actually like them both because though Apple is wack, the 3rd party developers are NOT. They are simple amazing and reason enough to never buy a Droid tablet. Would I ever buy a droid tablet? HEEEEEEECK NO! But if a client is serious about working with me, they will respect my work enough to look at in on a computer, not on their phone and they are walking down the street of having a coffee in a busy city.

You do realize most of what I am saying is just to keep the topic rolling though we both have valid points. You are more valid than I because you are actually speaking practical.

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Any site that forces my browser to go Maximum is a turn off and is against ALL usability rules. They failed.

Hi Fstoppers
I'm looking into a flash website as well, but what are the pros and cons of Creative Design V's the free versions out there. Why pay ?

Hi Fstoppers.
I just took another look at Creative Motion Design. Not much difference of functionality between them and only 11 templates to choose from. Thats not much of a selection considering how many photographers there are in the world. Are we all gonna end up with a similar website ? Not sure it's really worth the $300 either.