[Video] Camera Inception - Making a Canon TV Commercial

Shooting the guy who’s shooting another guy who is acting like he is shooting an athlete. Should we go one level deeper? Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford was featured by Canon in a commercial called “The Craftsman” for their EOS Digital products. Director Sng Tong Beng puts Tyler in an interesting role reversal for this project.

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Okay.  This will sound ridiculous, because an announcement is due very soon, but do we get another glimpse of the 5D mkIII/X in this commercial?
If you pause the video at 21 seconds, you see the actor reviewing an image on a grip-less body that has no pop-up flash but has the "EOS Digital" strap (typical of the Rebel/xxxD cameras) attached to it.  Normally this camera, if a 5D mkII, would have a strap that says "EOS 5D mark II".  This one doesn't, which leads me to think that we may be seeing the new camera in this commercial.I realize how insane I sound, it is very late (or early depending on how you see it).  I guess I'm just so anxious to see what Canon is going to announce. 

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Well if we look at 00:05 we see the back of the body and it doesn't look like a 5d2, 1dx or 60d... so you might be right Ryan

 It's a 7d, that's what i'm sure because I own one...

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doh! ;) tnx!

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These videos have been playing on repeat at the Canon Service Centre in Singapore Since mid last year.

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and the guy is reviewing on a 1D.. it's written on it :-)