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North Shore Park, St. Petersburg, Florida USA
Finalist in Digital Photo Pro 2014 Black and White World Competition:

18mm · f/11.0 · 180s · ISO 100
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Thanks so much, Lee!

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Thank you, Wyatt!

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Thank you, Patrick!

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This looks really beautiful!

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Thank you, Sid! Glad you like it!

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Nice shot!

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Thank you, David!!

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a favorite! love the birds.

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Thanks, Dylan!!

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Brilliant work Dennis. Great seeing you here.

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Great to see you here as well!, Thanks so much, Michael!!

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Very cool!

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World class!

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Great work man :O ! :)

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This is just....amazing. Something really different and interesting among all of the studio-lit portraits.

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This is absolutely brilliant!

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Thank you, Zach! I'm so glad you like it!

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Wonderful image Dennis!

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Thank you, Daniel!!

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Timeless image!

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Love dynamic of the dress...

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A lovely photo and wonderful composition. Truly world class.
FYI - Dennis, under key words did you intend to say "beach" and not 'beack', which is what it says as of ~1:30 AM Aug. 16, 2014?

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Thank you for the wonderful words, Hans!! And thanks for the catch...I corrected ;)