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Andromeda Galaxy taken from the Arizona desert

this image was taken from the picket post trailhead outside of Phoenix, AZ. this image was taken using an 80mm refractor and a canon t3i mounted on a mount that compensates for the rotation of the earth. This image is a stack of 25 - 10 minute exposure images for a total time of 4 hours and 10 minutes

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A 25 image stack!? That's impressive.

Thank you, the skies were very dark so the signal to noise was decently high!

i would love to learn how to take a photo like this

You scienced the shit outta this one...

Fantastic, I love astrophotography

awesome work


Impressed that someone can take this from earth without a satellite the size of several homes. Beautiful and inspiring.

It capture outer and inner structures in one image very well. Very impressive and transparent structure. Congrats