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Full of Light

This is my beautiful wife. I recently wanted to start taking more time to think through my photos and tell a story with my personal images. I picked this location and lighting for a number of reasons. This gazebo overlooking a lake represents a place of peace that I would often go to before I was married. I wanted to find a way to introduce my wife and all that she means to me on this familiar path.
To tell the story I waited until just after sunset to really use the light to tell a story. I used a strobe to light up the inside of the gazebo, giving it a bright and beautiful destination on the path we are on together. I also used a reflector on the flash to aim the light down the path, highlighting the rails and the ground to really make the destination an important part of the photo. Finally I used speedlights with softboxes on each side of my wife to perfectly light her and make sure she was still the star of the image. I posed her in a way to where she would be walking on the same path I am on, looking over her shoulder at me. This to me perfectly captures the incredible beauty of my wife, but still has a personal story about our path together.

Canon 5D mkIV
Canon 24-70 II


Canon 5D mk IV
42 · f/2.8
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