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The Wine Cellar

Since we had a rainy day for this wedding we were stuck inside for the majority of the day. Luckily the venue was at a mansion that had a number of unique rooms to take pictures in, including a really cool looking wine cellar.

The bride had a beautiful long dress that I really wanted to be on display for this shot. I found a chair and positioned them in the center of the image. I killed all the lights in the area except for the one in the wine cellar. I then used a flash to softly light the couple, with enough spill to catch the wood areas surrounding them so that the details of the wine cellar would frame the couple well and give the photo a unique shot. I spread the dress in a way that accentuated its length and beauty and let the couple just enjoy each other.
In Photoshop I blackened out all of the surrounding walls so that only the couple and the cellar were seen clearly in the shot.

5D Mark IV
Canon 16-25 2.8 III


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