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There are certain places in the world that can take your breath away and leave you speechless. In these moments, often times the only word you can manage to say is “wow,” as you experience the massive visual reward of a perfect moment in time.

For me, photography isn’t just something you see with your eyes, it’s something you also feel with your heart. And when so many things - the location, the weather, the light - all line up into a perfect harmonious moment, it’s a truly enchanting feeling, and it makes me feel blessed that part of my job is to seek out these moments and places.

This visit to San Marino was the perfect prelude to an incredible week at Photokina. And now, on my way to Los Angeles to teach during the Fujifilm Festival and I feel extremely energized after the awesome experiences of the past few weeks. A huge thanks to everyone who helped make Photokina so very special. :)

52.7mm · f/8.0 · 1.6s · ISO 100
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Amazing scenery and stunning capture!